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Bitcoin (BTC) has been attracting a lot of attention of late, some good and some bad. Some countries and jurisdictions have gone so far as to prohibit bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, either completely or partially. You can quite legitimately buy Bitcoin in Dubai however; the government has shown itself to be pro-cryptocurrency by taking positive measures to regulate it.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin came into being in 2009. It’s a decentralized cryptocurrency which was created by a person or persons named Satoshi Nakamoto and whose actual identity is unknown. No one is sure whether this is an alias for an individual or a group of developers.

The fundamental difference between Bitcoin and traditional currencies such as the Dollar and the Euro is that when paying for goods and services the traditional way we use hard cash either in online format or in the physical form of paper notes or coins. There is a requirement for an intermediary such as a credit card company or bank to be part of the transaction.

With Bitcoin however there is no physical element to it, it is encrypted and therefore safe to use and there is no intermediary involved in overseeing the transaction. You can purchase whatever you want with Bitcoin provided the vendor accepts it, and the number of vendors who do so is increasing all the time. Additionally you can choose to remain anonymous if you so desire.

You can transfer Bitcoin in minutes (thus avoiding delays associated with banks) thanks to Blockchain Technology which is BTC’s engine room.

Despite being introduced back in 2009 Bitcoin only really caught the general public’s attention in 2017 due to its meteoric and widely publicised increase in value.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

Although there are thousands of different types of cryptocurrencies in existence Bitcoin is by far the most popular and the most well known. Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are known as Altcoins. Movements in the price of Altcoins pretty much mirror movements in the price of Bitcoin.

It is getting easier all the time to pay for goods and services with Bitcoin since more and more vendors are accepting it. At present that is not so much the case with Altcoins but it is likely that this will change over time. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy as an asset class and means of exchange.

As well as a means of exchange Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular as a means of investment. This is first and foremost because of an anticipated increase in price over time.

Many leading financial figures are predicting huge BTC price increases. Even so the forecasts are wide ranging. For example Kay Van-Petersen, analyst for Saxo Bank has predicted that the price of Bitcoin could reach $100,000 within 10 years whereas PayPal Director and Tech Entrepreneur Winces Casares has predicted a price of $1,000,000 within the same period. The reality is that nobody knows.

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde fired a warning shot over senior banking officials recently regarding complacency and not fully appreciating the potential threat that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general could be to conventional banking and central banks.

Such is the importance and potential that the IMF attaches to cryptocurrency. Read full article.

Additional good reasons for buying Bitcoin and Altcoins: Why Invest In Cryptocurrency?

Why Buy Bitcoin in Dubai?

There are many advantages to be gained when you buy Bitcoin in Dubai.

One massive advantage is that in Dubai the sale and storage of cryptocurrency has recently been officially regulated by the Dubai government. This eliminates fears of any future clampdowns on your investment.

Nowhere else in the Middle East or even in most of the rest of the world is this the case. The government of Dubai enhances digital and technical advancement and for that reason is very pro cryptocurrency.

cryptocommodity licenceIn November 2017 the Dubai government took the pioneering step of issuing a licence to trade and store cryptocurrency to a Dubai based cryptocurrency trader, Regal RA DMCC .

This followed two years of the government and Regal working closely together to create a new asset class which they have named ‘Cryptocommodities’.

The implications of this development are far reaching. Lack of existing regulations and fear of future regulations are widely cited as major risks involved when investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

These are also reasons for holding many investors back from cryptocurrency in the first place.

Uniquely none of these risks apply when you buy bitcoin in Dubai from the government approved, fully licensed and full regulated trader. There is no fear surrounding future adverse or prohibitive regulations coming into force after you have made your investment.

Importantly, because Dubai promotes international trade and is a gateway for international investors you can buy bitcoin in dubai easily, irrespective of your place of domicile.

It doesn’t end there though. There are many more good reasons to buy Bitcoin in Dubai:

  • Offshore tax advantages – no cryptocurrency, capital gains or inheritance taxes
  • You can opt to buy anonymously
  • Ultra safe and competitive storage facilities
  • No risk of political interference
  • No risk of confiscation
  • For international investors your Bitcoin is ring fenced from any litigation in your home country

How To Buy Bitcoin In Dubai

For large purchases and for all the reasons already outlined above it’s wiser and safer to buy Bitcoin in Dubai from Regal RA DMCC, the official government approved, licensed and fully regulated cryptocurrency trader.

For smaller purchases you can buy bitcoin in Dubai from local Bitcoin exchanges. The main ones are:


Note: Expect to have to go through a long verification process with all of these exchanges.

Why Should Institutional and High Net Worth Investors Buy Bitcoin In Dubai?

So far most Institutional investors (such as pension funds and hedge funds) as well as many high net worth (HNW) investors have been holding back from buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The main reasons given are:

  • Absence of experienced and qualified cryptocurrency custodians
  • Absence of current regulations and fears about the implications of future ones
  • Liquidity concerns
  • Safety concerns
  • Absence of adequate insurance facilities

For detailed explanations of each of these reasons go to: What Has Held Institutional Cryptocurrency Investment Back?

The good news for institutional and high net worth investors is that they can confidently buy bitcoin in Dubai without these concerns or restrictions applying. That’s because in Dubai:

  • There is a government approved, fully licensed and fully regulated cryptocurrency custodian
  • With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being already regulated there are no future regulation implications
  • Liquidity issues do not apply as the official custodian can supply many different cryptocurrencies with no upper limits
  • Ultra safe, hacker proof cold storage is available to mitigate safety concerns
  • Insurance is available through Lloyds of London at full market value

For more information contact the official Dubai crypto-custodian Regal RA DMCC or call them on 1-877-425-4316

Where to Buy Bitcoin In Dubai at Discount

Regal RA DMCC, the cryptocurrency trader officially licensed and regulated by the Dubai government has recently announced a limited offer discount of spot -1% on BTC purchases of $1 million. (As there can only ever be 21 million BTC in existence according to Bitcoin protocol this offer has to have limited supply).

To buy Bitcoin in Dubai and take advantage of this discount:

Visit Regal RA DMCC or call them on 1-877-425-4316

Author: Doug Young