Regal Assets ‘At a Glance’ Analysis:

Regal Assets Analysis
Phone No. 1-877-425-4316
BirdEye Rating 4.9 out of 5 Stars
BirdEye Reviews 1500+
BCA Rating (Scale of AAA+ to F) AAA
BCA Complaints 0
Trustlink Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars

(1000+ reviews)

Gold IRAs Offered (US)
Crypto IRAs Offered (US)
Gold RRSPs Offered (Canada)
Preferred Depository Brinks, Salt Lake City
Preferred Custodian New Direction IRA
Minimum IRA Investment $10,000
Physical IRA Application
Digital IRA Application
Set Up $0
Admin (annually) $80
Storage (annually) $110
IRA Transfer Process 2 business days
401k Rollover Process 15 to 30 days
Delivery of Metals 7 days (guaranteed)
US Mint Listed Dealer
ICTA Member
TRUSTe Verified
Norton Secured
Special Offers First Year Fees Waived

7 Days Delivery Guarantee

USPs (Unique Selling Points) The only Company offering Alternative Assets IRAs:
You can include gold/precious metals
in the same IRA

Regal Assets Review:

Regal Assets Background

How They Started

Regal Assets were founded by their CEO, Tyler Gallagher in 2009. Their US Corporate headquarters are in Beverley Hills, California and they have Trade Floors in Canada, Dubai and UK.

Regal Assets have an excellent reputation for customer service and they feature favorably and prominently in most third party company reviews.

Gold Backed IRAThey started out as solely a US precious metals dealer and they built their reputation on helping US citizens invest in gold and other precious metals by including them in their retirement funds.

From the outset they had a dedicated Retirement Department for those customers looking to transfer or rollover their existing retirement plans into a Gold IRA and their experts have always been renown for understanding all the procedures and tax advantages associated with any type of physical Precious Metals IRA.

It didn’t take Regal Assets long to establish themselves as the leading Gold IRA Company in the United States. They didn’t leave it there however…

Recent Expansion & Development

Regal Assets have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. From their US roots they have expanded internationally and they have grown from simply a US precious metals dealer into an International Alternative Assets Company. In recent years they have opened overseas offices and expanded their product range.

Recent Regal Assets Developments:

  • Partnership formed with the major U.S crypto exchange Coinbase and the leading U.S alternative assets custodian Kingdom TrustGo straight there
  • Regal IRA™ (The first ever Alternative Assets IRA) launched in US. You now have the option of including gold/precious metals AND cryptocurrencies in the same IRA – Go straight there
  • Gold & Cryptocurrencies now offered offshore to Institutional & International Investors worldwide via DubaiGo straight there

Fast forward to: Regal Assets Expansion 2015-2021.

Reputation and Ratings

Regal Assets’ reputation was built on their core business as precious metals dealers and Gold IRA experts.

They have been featured in the Forbes Investment Guide (the only precious metals dealer to get a mention) and they have entered the Inc 500 list as the twentieth fastest growing U.S. financial services company (the only precious metals company to be included there as well). Additionally Regal Assets have been featured in Reuters and Market Watch.

Recently Regal Assets became the only official partner of the Royal Mint in the UK. The Royal Mint is owned by the British Government and this type of association is the first of its kind in its 1100 year history.

Anyone researching gold IRA companies online will see immediately that there is a lot of hype and reviews about Regal Assets. That could quite understandably put some people off, but more in depth research into this company shows that they warrant their high profile.

This is borne out by their reputation with the main independent business review sites which monitor a business’s performance and reputation before they rate it. This includes taking customer reviews and complaints into account, as well as assessing how well the company has dealt with any complaints received.

You can see how Regal Assets has performed according to some of these independent review bodies here:

Regal Assets Business Consumer Alliance

The Business Consumer Alliance has given Regal Assets an AAA rating, which is their highest. There are no complaints about the company recorded. BCA added the company to their registry in 2009. Compared with several other companies involved in the same type of business this is an exemplary track record. At the time of our most recent check there were 57 Customers Reviews recorded with an overall rating of 5 out of 5 Stars..

Regal Assets BCA April 2021
Regal Assets BCA Complaints

Regal Assets Trustlink

At Trustlink there are over 1000 Regal Assets reviews, the vast majority of them positive, leading to a 4.5/5 Star rating. Many customers commented that they had been very satisfied working with these people. The names of two or three individuals at the company crop up multiple times. It comes across that the company’s associates were not pushy but patient with clients who were in the main wary and undecided about whether or not to invest in gold or other precious metals.

Regal Assets Trustlink April 2021

Many of the clients who have posted their feedback via Trustlink were first time investors whose trust in 401ks was rocked by shortfalls, and the overall uncertainty had given them reason to be unsure about gold investments. Many consumers mentioned that they had been burned and seen their investment portfolios tumble either due to unforeseen market fluctuations which were part of the risk or due to either an unprofessional organization’s mishandling of their money or poor advice.

There are pages of reviews about Regal Assets, generally glowing ones. Many of these are recent so it is apparent that their performance is consistent.

On their website Regal Assets refer to the fact that all of the testimonials about them posted at Trustlink were recently verified comprehensively by the BirdEye staff. Apparently this was a two week process and entailed them validating 100% of the emails and calling a lot of the customers who posted the testimonials to check that they were genuine.

Regal Assets BirdEye

At BirdEye there are over 1500 Regal Assets reviews, with an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 Stars.

Regal Assets BirdEye April 2021

Below is a snapshot of some of the most recent reviews:


Regal Assets BirdEye Reviews

You can read all the BirdEye Regal Assets reviews here.

Regal Assets In The Press

Much has been written in the press about Regal Assets.

Click Here to view these articles.

Customer Service

Regal Assets prides itself on the excellent reputation it has gained for customer service. There are many testimonials which bear this out. They allocate a knowledgeable account executive to you who is available for assistance between 7am and 6pm PST Monday thru Friday.

Visit Regal Assets website Here.

Or call them on 1-877-425-4316.

Regal Assets Expansion & Development: 2015 – 2021

In 2015 Regal Assets’ CEO Tyler Gallagher made the decision to start developing and expanding the Company’s brand. His vision was to move Regal Assets forward from a US Precious Metals dealer to an International Alternative Assets Company. That has since been achieved…

  • The first step was to expand the Company’s product range from just Precious Metals to include Cryptocurrencies.cryptocurrencies

    Mr Gallagher has been quoted on many occasions as saying that he sees cryptocurrency as the new gold and silver. Taking that further, he has declared his intention to make Regal Assets a Blockchain Technology Company in the very near future.

  • The second step in the rebranding process was to take the Company international. Regal Assets opened two international branches in 2017, in Dubai and Canada…
  • The Dubai branch was opened to serve both local investors and international investors worldwide by encompassing the offshore, tax and international trade benefits that Dubai and the UAE have to offer.

    Remarkably for its short existence, Regal RA DMCC was awarded the first and only official license to supply and store cryptocurrency in the Middle East by the Dubai government in November 2017. This means that Regal Assets are now a fully regulated and licensed cryptocurrency trader as well as a highly reputed dealer in precious metals.

  • The Canadian office, in Calgary, was opened with the main intent of transporting Regal Assets’ hugely successful home grown ‘Gold IRA’ model of helping US citizens include precious metals in their retirement accounts into the Canadian market so that their Canadian counterparts can enjoy the same benefits. Regal Assets Canada now offers Gold RRSPs to Canadian citizens.
  • In recognition of these achievements Regal Assets CEO, Tyler Gallagher, was invited to join the Forbes Finance Council at the end of 2018. This private, hand-selected and invitation-only community of Finance Leaders is made up of CEO’s, CFO’s and world-class founders in the finance sector.
  • In November 2019 Regal Assets joined forces with Coinbase and Kingdom Trust. This dynamic new partnership enables Regal to now offer the #1 Crypto IRA in the market in 2020.

Alternative Assets Product Range

The Alternative Assets currently offered by Regal Assets are Precious Metals and Cryptocurrencies. They have announced their intention to add to these in the near future.

Precious Metals


Regal Assets supply precious metals to their American customers via the US and they supply their international customers via Dubai.

All of the precious metals offered by Regal Assets are shown on their website. On the top navigation bar there is a link to Metals with a dropdown menu to Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Bullion.

They have Gold and Silver Bars of different weights and sizes. They have many different Gold and Silver World Coins. The Gold Coins include American Buffalos, South African Krugerrands and Austrian Philharmonics and the Silver Coins include Australian Kookaburras, American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs.

Those referred to above are just examples. Click here to view the full range available.

Investing in Precious Metals (Mainly Gold and Silver) Explained in One Minute:



Regal Assets have two different hubs for supplying cryptocurrencies.

They supply their US customers exclusively from the United States. That’s because current US regulations do not allow US citizens to purchase cryptocurrency from outside of the US without both complications and implications.

They supply all their international (non US) customers from Dubai.

In the U.S investors can purchase upwards of $10,000 in cryptocurrencies from Regal Assets, with no upper limits. Many different cryptocurrencies are available, not just Bitcoin.

Regal Assets’ main focus is on offering their customers safe and secure investments and they will (at your discretion):

  • load your cryptocurrencies onto an offline wallet (similar to a flash drive) which is password protected and hacker proof
  • arrange ultra secure, vaulted storage of your wallet at very competitive prices
  • arrange insurance of your cryptos at full market value


You can find out more information about the cryptocurrencies Regal Assets USA offer via their website or you can call them on 1-877-425-4316.

Alternative Assets Investment Packages

On their website Regal Assets have a page of Recommendations. There they have a number of different investment options with custom built packages starting at $5000 designed for individual investors and going up to $250,000+ for high net worth and institutional investors. These packages are varied and diversified.

Their ‘Protection and Security‘ packages include different types of precious metals and their ‘Investment and Retirement‘ packages include cryptocurrencies as well. They cater for one off, short term and long term investors alike.

The Regal Assets experts offer 1-on-1 assistance to help you determine a package that suits your own particular circumstances and investment goals.

Investment amounts start at $5000 for cash deals and at $10,000 for IRAs.

Free Investors Kit

Investiors Kit 2019

You can find out more about Regal Assets and their products by visiting their website. There you will also find a form where you can request a free Investors Kit. This includes 2 DVDs, 5 booklets and a copy of Forbes magazine.

Update August 2019: Regal Assets now includes a 1 oz silver RA 10th anniversary coin with their investors kits.

Regal Assets Anniversary Coin

Note: When you complete the form to request the investors kit one of the Regal Assets representatives will call you to check your mailing address. This will give you a great opportunity to ask as many questions as you like because it will actually be one of Regal’s alternative assets experts who calls you rather than someone from a call center or despatch point.

Click Here Now to request your free Investors Kit, FREE 1 oz silver RA 10th anniversary coin and consultation with an alternative assets expert.

Regal IRA™ (Alternative Assets IRA) Launched in 2018

In July 2018 Regal Assets launched the first ever Alternative Assets IRA in the United States, known and branded as the Regal IRA™.

This is a natural progression following the company’s transition from their roots as a precious metals dealer to the Alternative Assets Company that they have since become.

This new product is an upgrade to their previous Gold IRA and Crypto IRA investment vehicles as it is more flexible. It still enables you to have just gold/precious metals or just cryptocurrencies in your IRA but now you also have the choice of a combination of both.

Furthermore Regal Assets have announced their intentions to add more IRS approved alternative assets to their product range in the near future and these will also be available to include in the Regal IRA™ either on their own or combined with any or all of Regal’s other alternative assets offerings.

So to summarise, this innovative new product gives you the option to include in your IRA:

  • a combination of precious metals and cryptocurrencies
  • just precious metals (a traditional Gold IRA)
  • just cryptocurrencies (a traditional Crypto IRA)
  • (as new alternative assets are added by Regal Assets), a full or partial combination of their entire product range, or
  • as new alternative assets are added, just those individually

Regal Assets’ CEO Tyler Gallagher, when announcing this new retirement investment vehicle, stated that it had been developed with future progression in mind since it will be simple to slot in more alternative assets as Regal add them.

Gold QuoteOur new Regal IRA™ is like a Gold IRA on steroids. This new type of retirement account offers wealth protection and true diversification from traditional stocks and bonds…

Gold QuoteNow you can include in your retirement account the perfect combination of hard assets (Precious Metals) for protection and digital assets (Cryptocurrencies) for Profits”

says Mr Gallagher.

The Gold / Bitcoin Correlation

Experts have discovered that there is an inverse correlation between gold and bitcoin. This means that as one goes up in value, the other tends to go down.

Mr Gallagher argues that this is why gold and bitcoin make a perfect combination of assets to include in your retirement portfolio – because they balance each other out.

He suggests that the best way to protect yourself against the ebbs and flows of investing is not just to diversify, but to diversify smartly. He considers that inversely or non correlated assets provide such a smart diversification.

What Can Be Included In The Regal IRA™?

From Regal Assets’ current alternative assets product range any or all of the following can be included in the Regal IRA™ (in full compliance with IRS regulations):

acceptable products for Regal IRA

You can find out more information about the Regal IRA™ via their website or you can call them on 1-877-425-4316.

Including Gold And Other Precious Metals in Your Regal IRA™

Regal IRA gold

Regal Assets’ success and excellent reputation stems from their origins of helping Americans invest in gold and other precious metals through their retirement funds.

They carved out a niche in the precious metals industry by specialising in Gold IRAs. That expertise will continue when you include precious metals in a Regal IRA™ irrespective of whether they are included stand alone (a ‘traditional’ Gold IRA) or combined with other alternative assets.

Pricing and Fees

The price that Regal Assets quote you for your precious metals includes all fees and delivery charges. The way it works is that one of their account executives gives you a quote and once you accept it and lock in the price that is what you will be charged irrespective of any fluctuations in the precious metals market.

While they offer the most competitive fees in the industry it is in their fee structure for IRAs where you stand to benefit the most. This is a simple fact that many first time investors do not realise until it is too late. See proof

Whereas most of their competitors offer scaled fees which are a percentage of the account value, Regal Assets offer flat annual fees of $80 for admin and $110 for storage. This benefit accumulates over time since scaled fees increase in line with increases in the value of your portfolio and in time can become quite onerous.

Regal Assets’ flat fees are not incurred until the second year as they waive the set up fee and year one admin and storage fees for IRA investments exceeding their $10,000 minimum.

The $110 flat fee for storage includes segregation whereas most precious metals companies charge additionally for segregated storage.

If you own an Account holding both metals and cryptos you benefit even more, as you don’t get billed twice for the admin fees.

Buyback Program

Should you wish to liquidate your precious metals investment at any time Regal Assets will buy them back at an over the spot price. You can do this on any business day and receive the proceeds within 24 hours.

Delivery & Insurance

Regal Assets offer a 7 day delivery guarantee and will compensate you with a one ounce American Eagle coin should this delivery time be exceeded. This compares with delivery times of between 30 and 90 days with many of Regal’s competitors. All orders are sent out in discreet packaging either by UPS, UPS registered mail or FedEx, depending upon the customer’s location.

All shipments are insured for the full market value and the Company take full responsibility for the delivery of your order up to the point that you receive it and it is fully accounted for. You are given a tracking number which enables you to trace your order at any time between despatch and receipt. Larger institutional size orders are delivered by Brinks who provide an armoured guard.


gold storage

For precious metals IRA orders where IRS regulations* do not allow you to take personal possession of your metals Regal Assets will arrange storage on your behalf. (*Up to the age of 59½ your gold must be insured and stored in your name at an IRS approved depository).

The storage they arrange is segregated, meaning that your metals will NOT be comingled (mixed) with those of their other clients; it is like having a label on your metals with your name on it. This is very important because this identifies them as your assets and yours alone and they could never be seized should ever Regal Assets, the depository or any of their other clients have their assets frozen for whatever reason.

Their preferred depository is Brinks in Salt Lake City. They do not charge extra for segregated storage and the insurance for this is not uplifted.

When the metals for your retirement account arrive at the depository for storage the delivery is recorded by video. Regal were the first company in the entire precious metals industry to offer such a peace of mind facility to their clients.

Regal Assets also offer their clients the facility to have their metals stored overseas if they so choose, without incurring taxes or penalties.

You can find out more information about including gold and other precious metals in your IRA via Regal’s website or you can call them on 1-877-425-4316.

Including Cryptocurrencies in Your Regal IRA™

Regal IRA cryptos

In December 2017 Regal Assets launched a new and unique Crypto IRA in the United States. This was a natural progression to enable their clients to include cryptocurrencies as well as precious metals in their retirement accounts.

Since the subsequent launch of the Regal IRA™ this has been taken a step further. You now have the option of an IRA containing just cryptocurrencies (a ‘traditional’ Crypto IRA – as before) or one that is a combination of cryptos and other Alternative Assets.

The minimum investment is $10,000 and there is no upper limit.

Being an established market leader in Gold IRAs in the US Regal considered it important to evolve with the times and to be able to offer ‘digital gold’ as well as traditional gold for inclusion in retirement accounts in the US where cryptocurrencies are fully approved by the IRS.

Benefits of a Crypto IRA include:

  • it enables you to invest in cryptocurrency without having to release new funds because you can use existing investment funds already parked in your retirement account
  • it offers a perfectly legitimate way to avoid some of the complicated and restrictive IRS regulations surrounding cryptocurrency gains
  • there are tax advantages
  • there aren’t any penalties

When announcing the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in their IRAs CEO Tyler Gallagher emphasised that it’s the Company’s firm belief that gold and cryptos ‘go hand in hand in a balanced portfolio’.

Unlike a lot of their competitors Regal Assets do not limit cryptocurrencies in IRAs to just Bitcoin.

Factors that set Regal Assets apart from their competitors are that they offer all their Crypto clients the option (but not the obligation) of:

  • an offline wallet – they can load the customer’s cryptocurrencies onto an independent password protected and encrypted offline device (known as the Regal Wallet) which is a bit like a hard drive / thumb drive which is not networked to any internet accessible device and therefore is hacker-proof.
  • Cold storage – this wallet can be physically stored in a secure vault for maximum security and protection. In association with Brinks they offer vaulted storage at zero cost for the first year, then thereafter at a monthly rate of 0.07% for storage and an annual flat fee of $230 for admin. (Note that if you hold an Account that includes both metals and cryptos you pay $230 in total for admin as you are not billed twice for that).
  • Lloyds of London insurance – when the wallet is in cold (i.e. vaulted) storage the cryptos loaded onto are insured by Lloyd’s of London for up to $20 million per incident.

All of this takes away many of the the risks and horror stories associated with investing in cryptocurrency!

Nov 2019 – New Dynamic Crypto Partnership Launched

In November 2019 Regal Assets partnered up with Coinbase, the major American crypto exchange and Kingdom Trust, the leading alternative assets custodian to offer crypto IRA and 401k accounts in the U.S.

Being part of this formidable partnership Regal are able to offer the #1 Crypto IRA program in the market right now, including:

  • the largest list of cryptos (30+) in the industry
  • the lowest fees in the industry – 0.05% of the account value + $20 per month (includes storage)

You can find out more information about including cryptocurrencies in your IRA via Regal Assets’ website or you can call them on 1-877-425-4316.

Account Setup Timescales For a Regal IRA™

Regal Assets offer impressive response times for account setups. This is due to a combination of their focus on customer service and digitized documentation procedures which are more efficient for both their customers and their staff.

Investment accounts are up and running within 24 hours. For IRA transactions fund transfer requests from custodians are processed within 48 hours and the 401k process is completed within 15 to 30 days.

The Regal IRA™ Rollover/Transfer Process

This is done in 4 straightforward steps:

Step 1
You start by filling out the simple form which you will find here on the Regal Assets website:

You can also click on the snapshot of the form below to be taken there.

account set up form

Once you’ve filled out the form, the same business day you should receive back by email the necessary IRA documentation which will already be completed for you. All you have to do is sign it electronically and return it by email.

Step 2
A new IRA account will be opened for you within 24 hours and you will be notified by email of the account number. You will then be sent by email the transfer request paperwork, which you can also submit electronically. Once Regal Assets receive that they will make contact with your current custodian and initiate the transfer of funds to the new IRA account on your behalf.

Step 3
The Company’s staff will be working behind the scenes and updating you by phone or email each time a new step of the transfer process is completed. Once the funds have arrived in the new account your Account Executive will be in touch to guide and assist you with the purchase of your alternative assets.

Step 4
Once you give the green light the prices will be locked in and your purchase will be funded. When metals are included they will be delivered to the Brinks depository within 7 days. You will be notified when they arrive and thereafter you can monitor your account, and the products within it, online at any time.

If you have any questions about any of this you can call Regal Assets on 1-877-425-4316.

Regal Assets Dubai

jalmas towerRegal Assets are clearly a visionary company with visionary leadership. Back in 2015 CEO Tyler Gallagher was able to see the technologically influenced shift that was happening within the precious metals industry and how digital currencies were set to be the new gold and silver.

In order to embrace that he made the decision to expand the company’s precious metals business base to include cryptocurrencies and to expand the brand of Regal Assets internationally.

He spent the next two years setting up an office in Dubai; establishing their precious metals international business in the Emirate and working closely with the Dubai Government to regulate the sale of cryptocurrencies there.

Regal Assets’ Dubai office, Regal RA DMCC, opened in early 2017.


Dubai is an international trading center for businesses worldwide. It offers a safe and secure business environment for people looking to move assets offshore in a legitimate, highly tax efficient way.

Regal Assets saw Dubai as the perfect place to expand their business profile worldwide.

Previously they were servicing just US customers from their US base but their Dubai office has opened the doors for them to service international customers worldwide as well as local UAE and Middle East customers.

The Dubai office prides itself on offering the same high service levels that customers in the US have been accustomed to for many years. They are set up to meet the demands of Institutional and High Net Worth investors.

Gold Purchase, Distribution and Storage – Dubai

dubai gold

The precious metals industry is huge in Dubai, particularly in gold, so this has been an obvious place for Regal Assets to propel their base business globally and into the international marketplace.


Around 20% of worldwide gold production annually is managed by Dubai. This makes the Emirate one of the main centers for gold purchase in the world.

Furthermore, because of Dubai’s tax free status it is one of the least expensive worldwide jurisdictions for the purchase of gold.

Coupled with that Regal Assets Dubai offers the same low premiums and fees that its US parent company has built its reputation on.


From Dubai Regal Assets can deliver gold (and other precious metals) to almost every developed country around the globe. In conjunction with the likes of Brinks, Transguard, Loomis and G4s they can transport gold internationally in a secured fashion and with full insurance.


Dubai offers some of the most secure and least expensive storage facilities in the world. The most secure vault in the entire Middle East and the 5th most secure in the world is housed below the Almas Tower DMCC building where Regal Assets is based. The vault is actually below sea level and has ultra modern and ultra technological security systems.

Because of its strong association with Brinks who own the vault Regal offers storage there at rates that none of its competitors can match.

For gold investment information you can either contact Regal RA DMCC here or call them on 1-877-425-4316.

Regal Assets Cryptocurrencies Dubai


Just announced! For a limited time Regal RA DMCC are offering an incredible discount of spot -1% on BTC investments of $1million flat. (With Bitcoin protocol stipulating there can never exceed 21 million BTC large transactions like this will have limited supply).

Contact Regal RA DMCC here or call them on 1-877-425-4316

It was Gallagher’s desire to expand the Company’s business into what he saw as the ‘new gold’, digital currencies that also attracted him to Dubai. The Emirate has a strong reputation for building and developing technologically driven infrastructure for financial products and business ventures.

Dubai was one of the first places to embrace cryptocurrencies and from the outset the government there had the desire to fully regulate and licence it. In 2015 Regal Assets started working closely with the Dubai government to achieve that goal.

cryptocommodity licenceFast forward to today and Regal RA DMCC is the first and only Government approved, fully licensed and regulated company in the entire Middle East (and probably beyond) when it comes to selling, trading and storing cryptocurrencies.

As from 28th November 2017 Regal Assets have been legally allowed, as per the licence issued to them by the government of Dubai, to sell all types of cryptocurrencies from their Dubai office to anyone anywhere in the world* for any type of cash transaction, be it a wire transfer, an ACH payment or a check.

*Regal cannot supply cryptocurrencies to US citizens from their Dubai hub. They do that instead from within the United States. That’s because US regulations do not currently permit the flow of funds outside of the US for cryptocurrency investments.

This license means that unlike the majority of their competitors in the crypto space Regal Assets are not operating in a ‘grey area’. Even in the US and Europe many large organisations are selling and trading cryptocurrencies with no licence and under no set regulations and therefore run the risk of being shut down at any time. Not so with Regal Assets.

Regal RA DMCC are also different to their competitors because:

  • They offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies and not just limited to Bitcoin or the other most common ones, Ethereum and Ripple
  • They offer hacker-proof cryptos on an encrypted, password protected offline wallet
  • They offer cold storage of that wallet in Dubai in one of the most secure vaults in the world
  • They offer 100% market value insurance of the cryptos loaded onto your wallet through Lloyds of London

To find out more or to request a Crypto Investors Kit from Regal Dubai Click Here Now. If you prefer to speak to one of Regal’s experienced crypto brokers you can call them on 1-877-425-4316.

Regal Assets Canada

Canada As part of their international expansion Regal Assets opened a new office in Canada in mid 2017 with the express purpose of helping Canadians to include precious metals in their retirement funds.

They transported their successful American business model of Gold IRAs into neighbouring Canada where they are able to offer Gold RRSP/TSFAs.

The concept and system is the same and the only real difference is that in Canada the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) only allows you to include gold and silver in your retirement fund whereas in the US the IRS allows you to include platinum and palladium as well.

For more information you can visit Regal’s Canadian website or call them on 1-877-425-4316

Regal Assets Blog

Regal Assets have an excellent blog which is always current. They provide a comprehensive Market Update each week and regular (one or two per week) Reports on highly topical and relevant issues. These are high quality resources which are free and instantly accessible to you with no sign up required.

To access this blog and all the valuable up to date information simply Click Here.

Free Reports

Regal Assets have composed two very useful and informative reports which are available for free to their existing and potential customers.

The first one, which is the most topical, is The Crisis Currency

This report reveals certain events that are actually happening currently and which could potentially lead to both financial and social disasters.

It provides advice about an investment which could give you and your family protection in the event of a Doomsday Scenario.

Surprisingly it is neither Gold, Bitcoin or Cash!

To view this cutting edge report from Regal Assets simply Click Here.

The second one ‘Gold Scams – And How To Protect Yourself And Your Retirement Account’ is self explanatory from the title.

In that they expose the 5 most common scams in 2021.

Included is some very important information about ‘home storage’ Gold IRAs which is essential reading if you have been tempted by the many adverts for these products. ‘Caveat Emptor!’ (Buyer Beware).

Simply Click Here to access this priceless free report.

Summary and Conclusion

Regal Assets have a very high profile online. The vast majority of reviews of the Company on independent consumer advocacy sites, investment websites and review websites are very positive. Considering the very high exposure they have, very few negative reviews and complaints are evident, although of course there are a few to be found.

  • Regal Assets have a strong reputation for focusing on the needs of their customers and for good customer care.
  • Regal Assets have a dedicated department for IRAs which is staffed by experts who understand retirement planning and the associated tax advantages and implications in conjunction with all the IRS rules and regulations.
  • Regal Assets have recently taken their business international with new offices in Canada to help Canadians invest in precious metals via their retirement accounts and in Dubai to service international investors worldwide.
  • Regal Assets have developed their brand from the starting point of a US Precious Metals Company to become an International Alternative Assets Company.
  • Regal Assets are the first and only Company to offer an Alternative Assets IRA.
  • Regal Assets are fully licenced and regulated by the Dubai government to sell all types of cryptocurrencies to local and international investors via their office in Dubai. There they can offer hacker-proof offline and offshore cold storage, 100% insured for full market value.
  • Because of their partnership with Coinbase and Kingdom Trust since November 2019 Regal Assets are able to offer the #1 Crypto IRA in the market.
  • Regal Assets offer an extensive range of products at competitive prices, all of which are explained in detail on their comprehensive and user friendly website.

All in all when it comes to alternative assets such as precious metals and cryptocurrencies, and Alternative Assets IRAs with gold and cryptos included, Regal Assets are widely considered to be one of the market leaders irrespective of whether you’re a new or experienced investor.

Our Rating

Visit Regal Assets website Here.

Or call them on 1-877-425-4316.

Reviewed by: Doug Young