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With so many market fluctuations and economic uncertainties nowadays it is not surprising that many investors are worrying about the future. This extends out into the community as well. With many jobs disappearing and the future of others uncertain, the average person is starting to get worried.

There is a way to mitigate and hedge against this and it involves the rollover of a 401k retirement account into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that allows you to include gold and other precious metals.

What is a Gold 401k Rollover?

To create a gold 401k, or a gold IRA, funds have to be transferred from one retirement plan to another. This is called a rollover. To be able to transfer your funds from your 401k you have to have left the employ of the organization that set it up for you. More information…

What is a Gold IRA?

The transfer of funds from a 401k to an IRA is not restricted to cash. The funds that an IRA holds can be in many forms such as stocks, bonds and physical precious metals. A gold IRA is an individual retirement account that includes gold coins, precious metals and gold bullion.

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Why Should I Rollover My 401k Into a Gold IRA?

The first consideration is why invest in gold in the first place? The answer is that gold has historically always held its value. What you could buy with an ounce of gold 100 years ago you could buy the equivalent of today. You don’t invest in gold to make a profit; you do so to protect what you’ve got. It protects you from the ravages of inflation.

The second consideration is why include gold in your retirement fund? The answer is very similar to the first one above. You’ve worked hard to build up a nest egg to provide for you in your retirement and you want to make sure that at the very least it maintains its current value.

Paper currencies, stocks and bonds included in your retirement fund are volatile; they may go up, they may go down. Gold acts as a hedge because it has what is known as a ‘negative correlation’ with these more traditional forms of investment. Whenever they fall in value gold goes in the opposite direction.

How Can Gold Protect Your Retirement?


How Do I transfer My 401k To Gold?

Find a reputable and reliable Gold IRA Company. Here are our Top Tips for comparing Gold IRA companies.

There are companies that have started to buy and sell gold and precious metals in the past few decades. Some are new and are taking advantage of the turbulent times. Others have been in the investment industry for years and have many experienced agents.

You want to call upon an established, reputable and trustworthy company that has expertise not just in precious metals but also in retirement funds, retirement planning and investment planning.

We have investigated many and evaluated for you the best of these here: Gold IRA Companies Reviews

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