Rollover your IRA or 401k into GoldIt isn’t easy to ride the economic wave. Starting with the burst of the Dot Com bubble in the late nineties and continuing with the housing crisis and financial crash of 2008 and the more recent geopolitical tensions and Quantitative Easing of governments worldwide there has been no real stability in the world economy of late.

There have been ups and downs but no clear picture on where things are headed. This instability makes investing and retirement planning difficult, worrying and frustrating.

Why Invest In Gold?

There is a way to hedge against many of the economic pitfalls that might be coming our way.

Investing in gold can create a stable economic future, one that avoids many of the unknowns that less tangible investments face. Gold is a physical product that has been historically proven to hold its value even during the toughest of economic times. Assuming that history continues to repeat itself, no matter what happens with the economy, gold will always be bought and sold at a stable price.

But what if you don’t have access to additional investment funds?… You could consider a Gold IRA Rollover.

What Is a Gold IRA Rollover?

A very effective way to invest in gold is by rolling over funds that are currently sitting in an Individual Retirement Account into a gold based IRA. This process will free seed money, from investment capital that is already tied up (and maybe not performing too well), to purchase a wide variety of gold and other precious metals.

The advantage of this is that it allows you to invest in gold even if you don’t have access to additional funds to invest right now.

Is a Gold IRA Rollover Different To a Gold IRA Transfer?

Yes, it is important to understand the difference between the two. This article explains the differences:

>> The Difference Between an IRA Transfer and an IRA Rollover

Is a Gold IRA a Good Investment?

Over the past fifty years, the price of gold has steadily risen. Of course it has fluctuated up and down during that period, but the overall trend has been upwards. History has proven that through economic upswings and downturns gold is a precious metal that retains its value.

Those who decide to create a gold IRA can do so in the knowledge that gold has historically been a wise investment. It will add stability to your retirement plan no matter what is happening in the world.

Gold coins and gold bullion will still be sought after commodities regardless of what the future holds.

How To Choose Gold IRA Rollover Companies

There are many gold dealers and precious metals companies to choose from. Some have been around for many years and have a wealth of experience and some have sprung up recently to ride the wave of the popularity in gold investment.

For a gold IRA rollover it is best to go with a company that has experience and expertise in both precious metals and retirement plans. You might want to check out our Gold IRA Company reports & analyses  and our Tips For Comparing Gold IRA Companies.

You may also wish to scour the internet for other reviews. Companies like the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink offer independent consumer based reviews.

What Makes a Good Gold and Silver IRA Provider?


Author: Doug Young

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