What Are Franck Muller Bitcoin Watches?

Encrypto bitcoin watch
There has been a lot of buzz about Franck Muller bitcoin watches ever since luxury Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller announced that in partnership with alternative assets and cryptocurrency investment company Regal Assets they had created the ‘Encrypto’, the world’s first and only luxury, fully operational bitcoin watch.

For a watch to be classed as a functional bitcoin watch it needs to be Bitcoin enabled and have cold wallet functionality.

Such is the Encrypto

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Is Franck Muller’s ‘Encrypto’ Really The World’s First Bitcoin Enabled Watch?

Yes, it really is.

Other luxury watchmakers have announced their intentions to enter the cryptocurrency arena but Franck Muller are the pioneers in Bitcoin watches and are the first company to bring a fully functional bitcoin watch to market.

Franck Muller Encrypto watch


Who Is Franck Muller?

Franck Muller

‘Master of Complications’

Franck Muller is an industry leader in luxury watches and is renown for developing elite, unique timepieces.

The Franck Muller brand needs no introduction in the spectrum of exclusive watchmakers.

It is known as ‘Master of Complications’ because of unique designs such as the recognizable Cintree Curvex shape which is extremely difficult to counterfeit.

The Franck Muller collections are inspired by traditional Swiss watch manufacturing methods and American watches from the 30’s such as ‘Elgin tonneau’.

More information: Franck Muller: The Man Who Invented The ‘It’ Watch

Given their dedication to complicated movements, unique designs and innovation it is no surprise that they turned their attention to developing Franck Muller bitcoin watches.

Who Are Regal Assets?

RARegal Assets are a highly reputed international crypto investment company with offices in the US, Canada, UAE and UK.

Regal Assets are the first and only government approved and licensed cryptocurrency company to offer ultra secure vaulted and 100% insured cold storage facilities.

They built their reputation in the US in the precious metals industry specialising in helping US citizens legitimately and safely include gold and other precious metals in their retirement funds.

They have since developed the first Alternative Assets IRA (known as the Regal IRA™) which enables you to include both precious metals and cryptocurrencies together in your retirement fund.

Regal Assets are a very innovative and forward thinking company and it is no surprise that they have turned their attention to bitcoin watches and teamed up with industry leader Franck Muller to produce the world’s first functional bitcoin watch.

Franck Muller and Regal Assets

What Is Unique About Franck Muller Bitcoin Watches?

  • Limited availability – a maximum of 500 of each men’s and women’s editions are available.
  • Each of these luxurious timepieces is customizable to meet your personal tastes and desires. Choices of gold, platinum and diamond components. Many choices of case materials and band options.
  • Unique bitcoin orientated design features…
  • The bitcoin logo is featured at the center of each dial, sitting inside a circuit board design which is laser etched. It is surrounded by a pattern of The Genesis Address. This is the very first bitcoin address and is home to the first bitcoin that was ever mined from the genesis block.
  • At 12 o’clock on the dial there is a laser etched QR code containing the public address of a deep cold storage wallet. This wallet uses non-deterministic TRNGS ((True Random Numbers Generated) which are generated offline and cannot be hacked.
  • Most important is the bitcoin-ready functionality. This includes a sealed USB key and QR code integration for checking your BTC balance and depositing BTC to your personal wallet. When buying BTC from Regal Assets you can send them direct to ultra safe, vaulted and fully insured cold storage direct from the dial of this exclusive timepiece.

More information about the avant-garde bitcoin functionality can be found at the

Franck Muller/Regal Assets official website.

How To Use Your Franck Muller Bitcoin Watch

You can use your Franck Muller bitcoin watch to add and transfer bitcoin. You can’t use it to withdraw funds however.

To send or receive funds you use the QR code (public address) on the watch dial.

You can check your account balance by scanning the wallet incorporated into the dial using a bitcoin balance checker app.

If you wish to withdraw funds you don’t use the timepiece itself since your coins are stored via the separate USB that provides your cold storage.

Why Would You Want To Own a Franck Muller Bitcoin Watch?


Franck Muller bitcoin watches are perfect for bitcoin and watch enthusiasts alike.

The watch you wear can say a lot about your personality and the person you are.

If you value success, individuality, class, elegance and innovation then the Encrypto bitcoin watch should create a big emotional impact with you.

You have the opportunity to put your own stamp on your Franck Muller bitcoin watch. You can customize it according to your personal tastes and desires.

You can choose case materials that include gold, titanium, carbon fibre and stainless steel.

You have the option of customizing the case and dial with diamonds and precious metals.

The alligator-leather strap can come in a color of your choice.

All this makes your watch individual to just you, and the envy of your friends.

The regional director of Franck Muller, Erol Baliyan claims that the customization facilities of the Encrypto helps to create a strong bond between the user and the timepiece.

Different people buy and wear luxury watches for different reasons. It could be to demonstrate their wealth, showcase their prestige and style, or to associate with celebrities. Whatever that happens to be Franck Muller bitcoin watches can do all these things and at the same time make you feel good.

bitcoinMany serious Bitcoiners are already in love with this timepiece. It meets their passion for BTC while offering practicality combined with prestige and style since it is a luxury watch that doubles up as a bitcoin wallet.

This fully functional bitcoin watch is the first and only one of its kind, which adds to its desirability.

If you’re into Bitcoins, you’re affluent and you appreciate prestige, style and innovation, these watches are made for you.

Who Else Owns a Franck Muller Watch?

celebrities wearing Franck Muller watches

Sir Elton John, Bruce Willis, Rick Ross, Jim Jones, Mary J Blige, Christiano Ronaldo, Brooke Shields, José Mourinho, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell… the list of prominent actors, musicians, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs goes on and on.

How Much Do Franck Muller Bitcoin Watches Cost?

  • The Franck Muller bitcoin watch entry model ranges from $9,800 to $13,200, dependent upon the amount of customization you choose.
  • The top of the range model which has a pure diamond casing ranges between $50,380 and $55,880.

These prices are extremely competitive when you consider that another luxury watchmaker, A. Favre & Fils announced earlier this year that it is developing a handcrafted mechanical watch with a crypto-wallet built in and that once brought to market it will cost between $102,000 and $153,000.

Encrypto mens' watches


Encrypto womens watcheswomens-collection

Is a Franck Muller Bitcoin Watch a Good Investment?

  • Luxury watches are expected to hold their value and increase in value over time. This might prompt certain shrewd investors to add a luxury watch to their investment portfolio in the same way that they would add gold and other precious metals.
  • Add to that the advantages that these Franck Muller bitcoin watches are limited editions and that there is an opportunity to benefit now from launch prices that are likely to increase over time. Now could be the perfect time to invest in one therefore.


Where Can You Buy Franck Muller Bitcoin Watches?

You can buy a Franck Muller bitcoin watch from their store in Dubai or online from the

Franck Muller/Regal Assets official website

buy Franck Muller Bitcoin watches


How Can I Get a Complimentary Franck Muller Bitcoin Watch?

Encrypto features

Amazingly Regal Assets have announced that they are offering complimentary Franck Muller bitcoin watches to those clients who hold qualified investment or retirement accounts which meet certain criteria.

To check whether you qualify call Regal Assets now on 1-877-425-4316

Author: Doug Young