… How Do Goldco Compare With Other Gold IRA Companies?

Overview: Goldco state that their mission is simply to help Americans use precious metals to protect their retirement funds from inflation and stock market volatility.

Conclusion: In all areas of their business Goldco are very well set up to achieve these objectives and it is evident that they are doing a good job at meeting them.

  • Established 14 Years
  • Exemplary Independent Ratings
  • Excellent Reputation For Customer Service
  • Specialist Staff In Every Area
  • Streamlined Gold IRA Process
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Up To 10% Given Back In FREE Silver

Goldco ‘At a Glance’ Analysis:

Goldco Precious Metals Analysis

Phone No.1-855-465-3472
BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rating
(Scale of A+ to F)
BBB Customer Ratings
BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) Rating
(Scale of AAA+ to F)
BCA Complaints in last 3 years1 - click here for details
Trustlink Rating
250+ reviews
Gold IRAs Offered (US)
Crypto IRAs Offered (US)
(via sister company)
Gold RRSPs Offered (Canada)RedCross
Preferred DepositoryDelaware Depository
Preferred CustodianEquity Trust Company
Minimum IRA Purchase Amount$25,000
Physical IRA Application
Digital IRA Application
Set Up$50 + $30 wire fee
Admin (annually)$80
Storage (annually)$150 for segregated (recommended)
$100 for non-segregated
IRA Transfer Processwithin 2 business days
401k Rollover Process2 to 4 weeks
Delivery of Metalsif chosen metals are in existing inventory: within a few days
if chosen metals have to be ordered: 3 to 4 weeks
US Mint
Listed Dealer
ICTA Member
Special Offers

  • 5% back in FREE silver when you open a new Gold IRA account with $50,000-$100,000

  • 10% back in FREE silver when you open a new Gold IRA account with $100,000+ (no maximum)

  • first year fees waved

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The Background to Goldco

How Goldco Started

Goldco, also known as Goldco Precious Metals, was founded by Trevor Gerszt in 2006.

Originally the company was called Goldco Direct. At that time they focused mainly on direct cash deals as opposed to IRAs.

As the company progressed they identified the growing need in the marketplace for a reputable Gold IRA provider.

They responded by taking the step to fill that gap themselves and in doing so they recognized the need to change their name to something that represented more the service they were providing.

Hence they changed their name, to Heritage Gold Group. That was short lived however because they soon discovered that a company named Heritage Auctions had a trademark for using the word Heritage. They were forced to change their name again therefore.

They felt that they had outgrown the name Goldco Direct and decided to go with Goldco Precious Metals since they wanted it to be obvious to everyone what they sold.

They soon decided that was a bit of a mouthful however and ideally preferred to be known as just Goldco. The barrier was that the domain Goldco.com was already taken by a company providing technology and services for Japanese technical translations.

After years of back and forth negotiations they managed to buy the Goldco.com domain and in April 2017 they officially became Goldco, a name which they say won’t be changing again.

Goldco Today

  • Goldco in its present format is a company specializing in precious metals IRAs (Gold IRAs and Silver IRAs) and in selling precious metals to non IRA customers. They are based in Woodlands, California.
  • They state that nowadays 80% of their business is in IRAs and 20% is in non IRAs, meaning of course that IRAs are their main business.

Goldco’s Management

Goldco’s two primary executives are their Founder, Trevor Gerszt and their CEO, Brenda Whitman.

Trevor Gerszt – Founder

Trevor Gerszt

Goldco founder Trevor Gerszt was literally born into gold in South Africa, the world’s second largest gold producing nation. His family had a tradition of gold collecting, which rubbed off on him from an early age. He grew up nurturing a passion for collecting gold numismatic coins and gradually realizing the importance of including this #1 precious metal in an investment portfolio.

It was a natural consequence that Gerszt would want to start his own gold dealing firm, which he did in 2006 when he founded Goldco (then known as Goldco Direct). He has injected into the company his love of the yellow metal, his desire to educate people and his strong belief that gold (and silver) have an important role to play in protecting your retirement savings.

Brenda Whitman

Brenda Whitman

Brenda Whitman – CEO

Brenda Whitman joined the company in May 2015 and has rapidly worked her way up the ladder from Director of IRA Services, to Chief Operations Officer, to CEO where today she fills one of Goldco’s top two leadership positions.

Whitman brings with her a wealth of experience in IRAs and gold dealings. Prior to joining Goldco she spend over 10 years with Capital Gold Group, filling various roles as she moved her way up the company ranks. These included Director of IRA Services, Vice President and taking charge of the company’s National Affiliate Program. In the latter capacity she helped financial professionals to educate their customers on the importance and opportunities to use gold to manage risk and reduce volatility in their retirement investments.

Goldco’s Reputation & Ratings


Goldco’s growth has been impressive.

Inc Magazine in 2015 named Goldco as the third fastest growing financial services business in the United States.

The Los Angeles Business Journal has listed Goldco the seventeenth fastest growing business in the greater Los Angeles area.

During the course of their growth and development Goldco have gained a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service and unrivaled educational resources.


Goldco have exceptional ratings at independent consumer review sites.

As of April 2021:

Goldco at Better Business Bureau

  • At the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Goldco are an Accredited Business with the maximum A+ Rating and 4.93 out of 5 Stars based on 96 Customer Reviews

Goldco at Business Consumer Alliance

Goldco at Trustlink

  • At Trustlink Goldco have a 5 Star Rating based on 253 Customer Reviews

Goldco at Trust Pilot

  • At Trust Pilot Goldco have a 4.8 out of 5 Stars Rating based on 599 Customer Reviews

Goldco at Consumer Affairs

  • At Consumer Affairs Goldco have a 4.9 out of 5 Stars Rating based on 392 Customer Reviews

Goldco Reviews at Google

  • At Google Goldco have a 4.7 out of 5 Stars Rating based on 242 Customer Reviews

Goldco Reviews

Below is a screenshot of some of the Goldco reviews at well respected independent business review sites

Goldco Reviews

It’s clear to see that customers are impressed with Goldco’s customer service, experience and professionalism and with the ease of doing business with them.

Services Offered by Goldco

Gold/Precious Metals IRAs

Goldco will help you set up a Gold or Silver IRA or a combination of both, liaise with their preferred Custodian, Equity Trust Company on your behalf, help you identify which precious metals are right for you, assist you with the purchase of your IRS approved metals and arrange storage of them at an approved depository, thus ensuring that you are fully compliant with IRS regulations.

Cash Sales of Precious Metals

Goldco will help you identify which precious metals are right for you, assist you with the purchase of them at competitive prices and arrange secure and insured delivery to your choice of either a secure vault or your home. Delivery and storage is free of charge. Sales are limited to the United States. There are no international sales available.

Cryptocurrency IRAs

In conjunction with their sister company, CoinIRA, Goldco will help you identify which digital currencies are right for you and to set up a Crypto IRA if you wish to use that as a means to invest in cryptocurrencies. They don’t offer the option to combine precious metals and cryptocurrencies in the same IRA.

What Is a Gold IRA?

  • A Gold IRA (also known as a Precious Metals IRA) is a Self Directed IRA account which allows you to diversify your retirement investments by including physical precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) just as you would include, for example, stocks or bonds in a conventional IRA.
  • You can rollover or transfer an existing retirement account into a Gold IRA and continue making permissible annual contributions.

Why Choose a Gold IRA?

  • By having a retirement account that includes precious metals you are protecting your investment portfolio against inflation and market volatility or crashes that could cause havoc with your hard earned savings.
  • Gold has a reputation as being a ‘hedge’ because when markets fall and inflation rises gold tends to go up in value. Therefore, by including gold or silver as a percentage of your investments you are balancing out your portfolio and reducing risks.

Goldco ‘IRS Loophole’ Video:

Are Goldco Right For You?

Goldco are a good fit for you if:

  • you wish to invest in precious metals, either within or outside of an IRA
  • you are concerned about economic uncertainties, market volatility, the government printing more and more money, rising inflation, the ever increasing National Debt, devaluation of the US dollar… and you wish to protect your wealth from any or all of these
  • you are nearing retirement age and you don’t want to spend your twilight years forever fearful of financial crises which could cause your pot to run dry

What Makes Goldco Unique?

  • They have one of the best overall ratings in the industry (this is more difficult to maintain the longer you’ve been in business, and Goldco have been in business for 14 years)
  • They have specialists in every different aspect of their business (not jack of all trades like some companies)
  • They offer what they refer to as their ‘white glove service’ for IRAs. This encompasses expert assistance from beginning to end, a streamlined process with customers’ hands held every step of the way, knowledgeable, experienced reps, and strategic business relationships with the most reliable and experienced custodians and depositories
  • For cash sales they include free, prompt delivery and free storage
  • Competitive pricing across the board with no ‘pushy’ sales people
  • Special Promotions for new customers:

    – Goldco give 5-10% back in free silver (5% on $50k-$100k sales, 10% on sales of $100k+ with no maximum)

    – They waive all your first year fees if you invest more than $50k

    What this means to your pocket: If you were to open a new Gold IRA account with $50,000, as an example, you would save $320 in fees and receive $2,500 worth of free silver. If you were to invest more, the savings you would make and the free silver you would receive would be correspondingly more as well.

  • Goldco have a dedicated department for their Buy Back Program in which they offer their customers who wish to liquidate their metals very competitive prices and a very streamlined process
  • They offer extensive educational resources. These include a blog, ebooks, videos and live price trackers, all backed up by customer support

The Gold IRA Transfer/Rollover Process With Goldco

The step by step process from your initial contact with a Goldco representative to your metals arriving at the depository is very straightforward and Goldco will hold your hand throughout the entire process. This includes them handling all the paperwork and liaising with third parties on your behalf.

Step 1

You speak to a rep and once you decide to proceed you will either speak to an IRA Specialist there and then or arrange a phone appointment with one for another time. The Specialist will gather the required information for completing the application to establish your account and for transferring your funds

Step 2

Once the funds have arrived into your account your Account Executive will help you choose, in line with your personal circumstances, the best metals to be purchased and held in your new IRA

Step 3

Your metals will arrive at your chosen depository for secure storage a few days later if the metals are held in Goldco’s existing inventory, or within 3 to 4 weeks if an order has to be made

Summary: Pros and Cons of Goldco

pros cons
  • Well Established Industry Leader
  • $25,000 Minimum IRA Purchase Amount
  • Solid Reputation With Positive Ratings Across the Board
  • Combined Gold/Crypto IRA Not Offered
  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • No International Sales – U.S Only
  • Renown For Exceptional Customer Service
  • Specialist Staff In Every Area
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Low Annual Fees
  • Competitive Buy Back Program
  • First Class Educational Resources
  • Up To 10% In Free Silver For New IRA Customers

Should You Choose Goldco?

Having compared Goldco with other leading Gold IRA Companies we consider that they have overall outshone the competition.

They tick all the boxes when it comes to their reputation, ratings, customer service and what their customers have said about them in their reviews.

Their free silver promotion for new customers is the most generous in the industry and unparalleled.

  • Whether you want to safeguard your retirement investments with a Gold IRA or invest in precious metals directly, Goldco are a wise choice.

How To Contact Goldco

  • Once you complete the form one of Goldco’s friendly Gold IRA and Retirement Planning experts will call you to check your mailing address for the Guide and to answer any questions that you might have. Make sure that you leave the best ‘phone number for them to reach you on therefore.

If you complete the form outside of business hours Monday thru Friday or at weekends they will contact you the next working day.

It’s a good idea to jot down your initial questions in readiness so that you don’t forget any of them when the Goldco representative calls you.

Inside your Free Gold IRA Guide you will learn:

  • How to grab control of your Retirement by breaking free from the restrictions and limitations of traditional retirement accounts
  • How to diversify your retirement account to give you protection against major market collapses and financial crashes
  • How to take advantage of a secret IRS loophole to do all of this tax free and without penalties, 100% legitimately

Your Free Gold IRA Guide Package will include:

  • a physical guide
  • a video guide
  • an audiobook
  • a silver coin

request Goldco Gold IRA Guide

Reviewed by: Doug Young