Review Summary

  • We discovered many benefits of working with Augusta Precious Metals and many good reasons for choosing them above all of their competitors.
  • Maybe most impressive of all is the fact that the company has ZERO complaints with the BBB and BCA since it opened in 2012 – even complaints that have been closed or resolved.
  • We haven’t seen any other gold IRA company that can say that. It might seem like a small thing, but it says a lot that no customers over all those years felt they needed to share bad experiences in reviews.

Our Rating

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What We Liked Most

  • ZERO BBB and BCA complaints since the company began in 2012
  • Highest possible ratings at BBB and BCA. Thousands of 5-star reviews at independent consumer review portals
  • FREE GOLD gift when you open a Gold IRA. Plus ZERO Gold IRA Fees for up to 10 years (everyone qualifies)
  • Voted ‘Best Overall Gold IRA Company’ in 2022 & 2023 by Money Magazine
  • Voted ‘Most Transparent Company’ by Investopedia
  • A respected and ethical company that’s compliant and operates with integrity. Acclaimed for customer service.
  • Free, unique 1-on-1 educational web conference with on-staff Harvard-trained economist
  • The top choice of hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana and his financial team. Also approved by Mark Levin, Ben Ferguson and Judge Jeanine Pirro.
  • Best for transparent and competitive pricing.
  • Account lifetime support
  • You’re in charge of choosing your gold & silver from a selection of the most popular products
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Augusta Precious Metals Analysis


Augusta Precious Metals Analyzed
‘At a Glance’
Phone No.
Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating – Scale of A+ to F
BBB Customer Ratings
BBB Customer Complaints (Opened and/or Closed)
Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) Rating – Scale of AAA to F
BCA Customer Ratings
BCA Complaints (Opened and/or Closed)
Trustlink Rating
Google My Business
Gold IRAs Offered
Silver IRAs Offered
Gold Bullion Offered
Silver Bullion Offered
Preferred Depository
Preferred Custodian
Minimum IRA Investment$50,000
Physical IRA Application
Digital IRA Application
Set Up$50 + $30 wire fee
Admin (annually)$80
Storage (annually)Segregated: $159
Non Segregated: $100
IRA Transfer Processas fast as 2 days
401k Rollover Process7 to 14 days
Delivery of Metals7 to 10 days
Booking into Free One-on-One Web Conference2 days or less
US Mint Listed Dealer
ICTA Member
Incentive #1FREE GOLD when you open a Gold IRA. Choose from 3 Gold Coins.
Incentive #2
Up to 10 years of custodian and storage fees covered by Augusta (ask how many years you qualify for)
Incentive #3Free one-on-one educational web conference with Harvard trained economist

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Augusta Precious Metals Review:

Augusta Money Logo

How Augusta Precious Metals Has Evolved

Augusta Precious Metals was founded by their CEO, Isaac Nuriani in 2012.

Since its inception, Augusta has been laser-focused on helping retirement investors protect their savings using physical gold and silver IRAs. Over the years, the company has become known for its deep specialized knowledge and exceptional customer service.

Part of Augusta’s story is that the company noticed American consumers are not always given all the information they deserve to know about the nation’s economy and all investment alternatives (financial advisors rarely include gold and silver in investment choices, because they do not always sell them).

That prompted the company to develop a robust educational offering that includes a blog, video blog, series of educational videos and most importantly, the free one-on-one web conference where consumers can speak directly to the experts at Augusta, including Devlyn Steele who designed the program.

Mr Steele, who is a Harvard-trained economist, noticed Augusta and independently of any request by Augusta approached the company and requested that he become involved. He has since become the company’s Director of Education.

Since its founding Augusta Precious Metals has helped thousands of consumers understand precious metals and open gold and silver IRAs.

Augusta Precious Metals Today

  • Augusta in is based in Casper, Wyoming, with a satellite office in Beverly Hills, CA. They are known for clear to consumer education, transparency, competitive prices and compliance – and their strong commitment to customers “over the lifetime of your account”.
  • Augusta Precious Metals has refrained from watering down its expertise and specialty in gold IRAs – it doesn’t do anything else (other than straightforward cash accounts for physical gold and silver). This means the company’s precious metals IRA knowledge and background is as robust as any in the industry, as is the infrastructure it provides to support Augusta gold IRA customers. This probably accounts for many customers referring in their reviews to a stress-free gold IRA process and a feeling of confidence in their purchases.

Augusta Precious Metals Management

Augusta Precious Metals’ two primary executives are their Founder, Isaac Nuriani and their Director of Education, Devlyn Steele.

Isaac Nuriani – Founder and CEO

Isaac Nuriani

Isaac Nuriani

Augusta Precious Metals Founder and CEO Isaac Nuriani launched the company with the aim of helping retirement savers diversify their investments firstly through education and then by taking advantage of physical precious metals.

Having spent many years prior to that assisting American seniors with their finances, Mr Nuriani took it upon himself to empower the everyday public with knowledge about economic policies that were geared towards helping banks and corporations more so than private individuals saving for their retirements.

He started Augusta to not only educate individuals about all this but also to offer better alternatives and solutions to them. He did so with the determination to offer quality service and a strict commitment to transparency and ethics. He followed through by becoming members of both ICTA (Industry Council for Tangible Assets) and Ethics.net.

He is firmly committed to helping Americans diversify and protect their retirement savings with gold and silver IRAs.

Mr Nuriani graduated from the Los Angeles University of California with an honors degree in economics and to this day still guides and mentors industry professionals on retirement stability for Americans.

Devlyn Steele – Director of Education

Devlyn Steele

Devlyn Steele

Devlyn Steele is Augusta’s on-staff Harvard trained economist who hosts their acclaimed free and unique one-on-one gold and silver web conferences which he personally designed.

Many successful and wealthy customers have benefited from the insights revealed during these conferences which Mr Steele’s membership of the distinguished Harvard Business School business analytics program helped him create.

At Augusta Precious Metals he heads up an educational team which is dedicated to acquainting financially conservative Americans about the benefits of alternative assets for diversifying their investments and savings.

Mr Steele is well known for predicting both the financial crisis of 2008 and the surging gold and silver prices that followed it. His economic and financial services career spans three decades, during which time he has been responsible for processing financial assets valued in excess of $2 billion.

This video, in which Devlyn Steele reveals why nearly half of Americans surveyed are worried about the safety of their money in U.S. banks, is an example of the information and analysis provided by him and the Augusta Education Team:


Augusta Precious Metals Reputation

Augusta Precious Metals Recognition and Achievements

  • We were particularly impressed with what has NOT been written about Augusta Precious Metals. We are referring here to the fact that there have been ZERO complaints made EVER about the company at either the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) – even complaints that have been closed or resolved. To put that into perspective, in 10 years of business not one single Augusta customer has found it necessary to share bad experiences in reviews. That speaks volumes about them as no other gold IRA company can proclaim such a record.
  • These indications of quality service are supported by many thousands of 5-star ratings from consumers.
  • Voted ‘Best Overall Gold IRA Company in 2022 and 2023’ by Money Magazine.
  • Voted ‘Most Transparent Company’ by Investopedia.
  • Awarded ‘Best of’ by TrustLink for 6 consecutive years.

Augusta Precious Metals Endorsements

Joe Montana endorsement

Joe Montana

Augusta Precious Metals is endorsed by Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

Joe Montana endorsement

Joe Montana

The difference between this endorsement and many others is that Joe Montana asked his advisors to find a way to protect his retirement. They said he should invest in gold, so he asked them to find the best gold IRA company in the United States and they independently found Augusta Precious Metals.

In fact, Mr. Montana signed up for a web conference with Devlyn Steele independent of any request by Augusta, and Mr. Steele did not realize until later that it was Joe Montana.

To us, that is a strong indication that this company belongs in the top tier of gold IRA companies.


This is what Mr Montana posted at Trustlink:

joe montana trustlink

Augusta Precious Metals are also approved by trustworthy commentators Mark Levin, Ben Ferguson and Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Augusta Precious Metals Ratings

Ratings at independent review portals are a very good indication of how a company has performed in the past and present since it’s their customers’ comments which are being evaluated and scored. Augusta Precious Metals’ exceptional ratings at all the main independent consumer review sites point to a first class all round performance.

Our updated research as of provides the following specific evidence of this:

Augusta Precious Metals BBB – Better Business Bureau

  • At the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Augusta Precious Metals are an Accredited Business with the maximum A+ Rating and 4.97 out of 5 Stars based on 91 Customer Reviews.

Augusta Precious Metals BCA – Business Consumer Alliance

Augusta Precious Metals Trustlink

  • At Trustlink Augusta Precious Metals have a 5 Star Rating based on 275 Customer Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Consumer Affairs

  • At Consumer Affairs Augusta Precious Metals have a 4.9 out of 5 Stars Rating based on 80 Customer Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Google My Business

  • At Google My Business Augusta Precious Metals have a 4.8 out of 5 Stars Rating based on 186 Customer Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints

How Do They Compare With Their Competitors?

When checking and comparing complaints at Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) we were impressed to discover that Augusta is the only gold IRA company that has never received a complaint since they started in business at these highly respected independent review sites. This sets Augusta Precious Metals apart from their competitors and is further evidence of their excellent performance record.


Gold IRA Company


Better Business Bureau (BBB) Complaints


Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) Complaints

Augusta Precious MetalsZERO (All Time)ZERO (All Time)
Advantage Gold1 complaint closed in last 3 years

1 complaint closed in last 12 months

0 in last 3 years
American Hartford Gold22 complaints closed in last 3 years

11 complaints closed in last 12 months

2 in last 3 years
BGASC0Not Listed
Birch Gold Group9 complaints closed in last 3 years

2 complaints closed in last 12 months

2 in last 3 years
Blanchard & Company1 complaint closed in last 3 years

0 complaints closed in last 12 months

0 in last 3 years
Gainesville Coins13 complaints closed in last 3 years

6 complaints closed in last 12 months

Not Listed
Goldco12 complaints closed in last 3 years

9 complaints closed in last 12 months

0 in last 3 years
Goldline15 complaints closed in last 3 years

7 complaints closed in last 12 months

0 in last 3 years
Lear Capital39 complaints closed in last 3 years

15 complaints closed in last 12 months

6 in last 3 years
Rosland Capital21 complaints closed in last 3 years

2 complaints closed in last 12 months

9 in last 3 years
* Choose from 3 Gold Coins

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

We consider it very important to check out a company’s reviews when evaluating their performance since these come from people who have actually used the products and then report back on their experiences of what the product was like for them personally.

Positive Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

There are many (literally thousands) of positive Augusta Precious Metals Reviews online. We discovered that customers seem to be particularly impressed with:

  • Augusta’s track record of exceptional customer service, in part due to helpful informational materials, especially the one-on-one web conference and account lifetime support
  • Augusta’s fast and easy account opening process, with seamless and well-practised assistance through five different departments
  • the account and pricing transparency and compliance at this company, for which it has been awarded and recognized

Negative Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

We were unable to find any negative reviews for Augusta! That says a lot.

Ratio of Positive To Negative Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

Amazingly we found 100% of the reviews to be positive, since we couldn’t find any negative ones! We didn’t find this with any of the other Gold IRA Companies we researched.

Review by Augusta Precious Metals customer Herbert Campbell

Example Reviews online

Below are screenshots of some of the Augusta Precious Metals reviews we found at well respected independent business review sites.

At Better Business Bureau:

bbb reviews

At Google My Business:

google reviews

At Trustlink:

trustlink reviews

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Augusta Precious Metals Services

Gold & Silver IRAs and Cash Purchases

Augusta Precious Metals offers gold and silver IRAs (self-directed accounts approved by the IRS) and gold and silver cash purchases (outside of an IRA). Each of the products has a purpose for different types of investors. Augusta has many years of experience helping retirement investors with all types of needs build a precious metals portfolio to help them offset potential losses through effective diversification.

Gold IRA Accounts Process

Augusta’s streamlined process for setting up and managing gold IRA accounts is a part of its special offerings (see more below in discussion of the company’s process). It uses an assembly line style of processing that makes everything easy and quick. Augusta personnel do 95% of the paperwork with you, which removes any worry of accuracy and compliance.

Order Desk

Augusta’s order desk provides detailed information about the most common gold and silver investment options to make your choices easier. In addition to providing common, time-tested gold and silver options, the company works with the Royal Canadian Mint to provide one-of-a-kind, purer coins to choose from.

In conjunction with their core services referred to above Augusta Precious Metals will help and guide you with:

Retirement Account Rollovers

In addition to the two types of accounts (IRA and Cash Purchase), Augusta will provide assistance with any kind of retirement account rollover.

Lifetime Support

Augusta makes a point to commit to full gold and silver customer service for the lifetime of your account, which means they are there to help with any interaction with your custodian and storage facility, as well as disbursements, building a legacy for your family, and buybacks – anything related to physical gold and silver.

What are Gold and Silver IRAs?

  • Gold and Silver IRAs (often referred to collectively as a Gold IRA) are Self Directed IRA accounts which make it possible for you to legitimately (in compliance with the IRS) diversify your retirement investments by including physical gold and silver in the same way that you would include, say, stocks or bonds in a traditional IRA.
  • You can transfer or rollover an existing retirement account into a gold or silver IRA without the need to change your existing annual contribution arrangements.

Why Choose a Gold or Silver IRA?

  • When you have a retirement account that includes gold and/or silver you are shielding your overall portfolio against market crashes and volatility and against the potential ravages of inflation, any or all of which could wreak chaos on the savings that you worked so hard for.


  • Gold and silver have historically always gone up in value whenever markets have fallen and inflation has risen. Hence, either or both of these precious metals are commonly used as a ‘hedge’. By including them as a percentage of your investment portfolio you are balancing it and reducing risks.
  • Over time gold and silver have always risen in value. They are most effective as long term investments and therefore are well suited to be included in retirement investment portfolios.
  • A gold or silver IRA gives you an opportunity to invest in these precious metals with no money down. Rather than having to dig into your pockets to find new funds you can divert existing funds that are sitting in your retirement fund(s), with no need to disrupt your cashflow.
  • A gold or silver IRA enables you to invest in gold and/or silver with tax benefits. The expert staff at Augusta Precious Metals are fully conversant with these and can help you take advantage of them.


Important Facts About Gold and Silver IRAs

  • Gold and Silver IRAs are governed by the same rules and regulations as other IRA accounts.
  • You are not limited to just precious metals in a Gold or Silver IRA. You have the option of also including traditional investments such as stocks and bonds and alternative assets such as real estate.
  • The maximum annual contribution for 2023 is $6500 if you are 50 or under and $7500 if you are over.
  • Once you turn 72 minimum distributions are required. If you take distributions before age 59.5 you may incur penalties.
  • An IRA custodian must manage your Gold or Silver IRA.
  • Your precious metals must be stored at an approved depository.

Note: Augusta Precious Metals pledge to all their customers specialist lifetime support with all these requirements and more, so you are always in safe hands and never alone or exposed.

Gold Quote

Every American deserves to be able to protect their retirement savings – and gold and silver can help.

We support you every step of the way.

Gold and Silver are your financial insurance

– Isaac Nuriani, Augusta Precious Metals CEO

Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA

The Process For Setting Up a Gold or Silver IRA Account With Augusta Precious Metals

The company makes setting up a gold or silver IRA account very easy and quick. They do this in a streamlined process that involves experts in all departments.

Step 1

First, the education department helps you learn about the economy and how gold and silver fit into it – and how Americans have used precious metals for eons to hold savings value and protect against economic stresses. The education department reveals economic information most financial advisors won’t share.

Step 2

They generate a host of articles, videos and other materials and tools to assist gold and silver investors, but the crowning jewel of the company’s educational offerings is the free, one-on-one web conference designed by the company’s director of education, Devlyn Steele. He is a Harvard-trained economist who leads a team of experts on the economy and gold and silver

Step 3

Each customer is assigned a personal customer success agent who guides them through all the steps of opening an account, funding it and choosing metals for their precious metals portfolio.

(Augusta’s IRA processing department does 95% of the paperwork with you to make the process simple and transparent).

Step 4

Once your account is funded, they introduce you to the Augusta order desk, where you’ll receive portfolio-building assistance from Augusta’s product expert.

Step 5

Finally, after you place your order, Augusta connects you with its confirmation department for a no-stress, official phone confirmation to finalize the order, so you can feel confident and sure of your purchase.


  • As is normal practice when opening any type of financial account it will be necessary for you to disclose personal information such as your social security number.
  • Your new Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA will be administered by their pre-selected custodians. They carefully selected gold and silver custodians following a comprehensive vetting process and have since worked with them for many years. You can access your custodian at any time if you choose or you can opt, as most customers do, to let Augusta liaise with them on your behalf.

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What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Unique?

what makes augusta precious metals unique
We made it an integral part of our research criteria to discover what sets Augusta Precious Metals apart from their competitors. This is what we found:

  • ZERO Complaints: The most striking benefit of working with Augusta Precious Metals is the fact that it has had zero complaints EVER – even complaints that have been closed or resolved – with the BBB and BCA. This indicates to us that the company not only has a great track record of customer service with customers but also that the Augusta team is genuinely adept in its management of the process of opening a gold IRA.
  • Lifetime Support: Another unique quality of this company is that it clearly states it provides ongoing service through the entire lifetime of your account. This instills confidence in Augusta, because it means the company intends to be just as attentive to customers after the sale as before the sale.
  • Extensive Education: Although a few other gold IRA companies provide helpful education to customers, Augusta Precious Metals backs up this claim with a robust series of blogs, video blogs, educational videos, online articles — and of course its unique free, one-on-one gold and silver web conference. The designer of the web conference material was specifically trained at the Harvard Business School in analytics that provide a unique resource for Augusta’s customers.
  • Transparency and Compliance: Augusta has been recognized more than any other gold IRA company for its transparency. In addition to being highly transparent with its prices, fees and agreements, Augusta has a robust compliance department with a neutral third-party administrator who was instrumental in designing the company’s systems and oversees its activities to ensure compliance with the systems. On its website, Augusta says, ‘When we can, we go further than the law to fulfill its spirit of protection’. The compliance team also includes outside counsel and a dedicated professional writer/editor.
  • Trust: The above also prompted Augusta to beef up its compliance program, which includes a number of ways that the company acts transparently so customers know exactly what they are buying. This has led to various awards, including being voted ‘Most Transparent Company’ by Investopedia.
  • Fees Waived: Although other companies claim an approximate 5% markup over cost, we believe Augusta is the only company that pays up to 10 years of fees for qualified customers.
  • Gold IRA Specialists: Finally, Augusta Precious Metals has refrained from watering down its expertise and specialty in gold IRAs — it doesn’t do anything else (other than straightforward cash accounts for physical gold and silver). This means the company’s precious metals IRA knowledge and background not only can be assessed as the most robust in the industry, but the infrastructure it provides to support Augusta gold IRA customers may be as strong or stronger than any other. For customers, that indicates they may experience a less stressful process and feel greater confidence in purchases.

Augusta Precious Metals Fees

For the fee amounts please scroll down to the table below. Augusta will cover up to 10 years of custodian and storage fees on qualifying purchases (ask how many years you qualify for).

Some gold IRA companies charge scaled fees and others charge flat fees. There is an important difference between the two types. Scaled fees are computed as a percentage of your fund’s value and therefore increase in line with the growth of your fund. Flat fees remain constant regardless of your retirement fund’s value. Flat fees are nearly always favourable as they work out to be less over time.

Augusta charges flat fees.

Augusta Precious Metals Fees Compared

In the table below we have compared Augusta Precious Metals fees with those charged by other leading Gold IRA Companies.

Gold IRA CompanySet Up Fees 

Admin Fees (annually)


Storage Fees (annually)


Fee Type

Augusta Precious Metals$50 + $30 wire fee$80$150 for segregated
$100 for non-segregated
Advantage Gold$295$175$100Flat
American Hartford Gold$50 + $30 wire fee$100$150 for segregated
$150 for non-segregated
BGASCNot divulgedNot divulgedNot divulgedNot divulged
Birch Gold Group$90Not divulged$160Flat
Blanchard & Company$25$60-$250 (scaled)$100 (scaled)Scaled
Gainesville Coins$25+ (scaled)$60+ (scaled)$100+ (scaled)Scaled
Goldco$50 + $30 wire fee$80$150 for segregated
$100 for non-segregated
Goldline$125$60-$250 (scaled)$100 (scaled)Scaled
Lear Capital$275$100$150Flat
Rosland Capital$50£225Not divulgedFlat

Augusta Precious Metals FAQ

When researching Augusta Precious Metals we discovered a number of common questions being asked. We list and answer them here. In case you are wondering where we got the answers from, we asked Augusta!

It was when we contacted Augusta that we discovered how transparent they are. When we cold called them Kevin in Customer Service answered all our questions, didn’t give us a sales pitch and didn’t demand a phone number or email address from us before providing all the information that we requested. This was a very different experience to when we cold called their competitors.


  • How many years has Augusta Precious Metals been in business?

    11 years. It was formed by founder and CEO Isaac Nuriani in January 2012.

  • What assurances can I get that that Augusta Precious Metals isn’t a scam?

    • The Company has been voted ‘Most Transparent Company ‘ by Investopedia
    • CEO and Founder Isaac Nuriani is a member of both ICTA (Industry Council for Tangible Assets) and Ethics.net
    • They have been voted ‘Best Overall Gold IRA Company’ in 2022 and 2023 by Money Magazine
  • Will I have easy access to my Augusta personal customer success agent?

    Yes. The customer success assigned to you is always accessible during business hours. Should they be assisting another customer when you call, they will call you back at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively you can call Augusta’s customer engagement line.

  • Is it true that I get FREE GOLD when I open a Gold IRA?

    Yes. When you open an Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA you can choose from 3 Gold Coins as a special welcome gift.

  • What is the delivery time for my precious metals?

    Shipment will be 7 to 10 days from the time your order is placed and confirmed.

  • What are the minimum and maximum order amounts?

    The minimum is $50,000 for either IRA or cash purchases. There is no maximum.

  • What types of gold and silver can I invest in?

    Augusta Precious Metals offers a variety of products ranging from gold and silver bullion coins and bars to premium coins. The company will guide you on which types are eligible for an IRA.

  • Am I buying physical gold and silver?

    Yes. You are buying the physical metals, not a paper certificate.

  • Can I inspect the precious metals in my IRA?

    Yes. Your metals will be delivered to the depository you chose when you opened your account. You can contact the depository to arrange a visit.

  • Where are the depositories located?

    You can choose the private storage facility that is most conveniently located to you. Current locations are Springfield Gardens New York, Los Angeles California, Jackson Ohio, New Castle Delaware, Salt Lake City Utah and Wilmington Delaware.

  • Is it true that there are no management fees with an Augusta Precious Metals gold or silver IRA?

    Yes. It’s a self directed IRA, managed by you. You manage the precious metals within it so you make all the purchase and sales decisions (with guidance from Augusta if required). The only fees payable are modest ones for account set up and storage.

  • Am I eligible for free shipping and storage of my metals?

    Certain purchases qualify. Check with Augusta whether your order qualifies you for free shipping and insurance to your storage facility plus free storage.

  • Are my precious metals secure and insured at the depository?

    Yes. The storage fees you pay include insurance, typically a Lloyds of London all risk policy covering damage or physical loss. This is of course in addition to the major physical state of the art security that comes with vaulted storage. The facility preferred and recommended by Augusta is the Delaware Depository.

  • Can my current traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, 403b or other retirement plan be rolled over into a gold IRA?

    Yes. Augusta Precious Metals will assist you to ensure that the rollover of your funds is a smooth and stress free process.

  • Can I include any type of precious metals in my gold IRA?

    No. IRS rules must be adhered to. The Augusta experts are completely on top of all the rules and regulations and would never allow you to purchase metals which are not IRS approved.

Augusta Precious Metals Pros and Cons

Augusta Precious Metals Pros

Augusta Precious Metals Cons

ZERO BBB and BCA complaints since the company began in 2012 – in our research, we haven’t found another company that can say this – and thousands of 5-star reviews

This company doesn’t handle investment in other assets, such as cryptocurrency.

On-staff Harvard-trained economist Devlyn Steele leads a unique, free one-on-one educational web conference

They don’t advertise handling platinum and palladium, but we inquired about this and they are able to do those types of precious metals IRAs

Endorsed by hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana, whose financial advisors found Augusta for him, and the personal choice of many high-net-worth investors

They have a $50,000 minimum, so it is best for those who have higher total savings

Also endorsed by trustworthy commentators Mark Levin, Ben Ferguson and Judge Jeanine Pirro

As a welcome gift you get FREE GOLD when you open a Gold IRA

Most transparent, most competitive pricing in the industry – priced at about 5% over the company’s cost on bullion coins and bars; includes free transit insurance and shipping for qualified orders

Account lifetime support

Voted ‘Best Overall Gold IRA Company’ in 2022 and 2023 by Money Magazine

Voted ‘Most Transparent Company’ by Investopedia

Specialists in gold and silver IRAs, which means superior knowledge and expertise available to you – a benefit compared to other companies that offer a variety of products

Who Are Augusta Precious Metals Best Suited For?

  • For those who are just learning about precious metals, Augusta Precious metals provides robust, personalized educational materials, experiences and process guidance. The company is known for its streamlined, assembly-line-like process to make opening an account quick and easy.
  • For those already well-versed in precious metal investments, who know they want a gold or silver IRA, the depth of Augusta’s specialized experience can provide more complex insights into the economy and the use of physical gold and silver to protect retirement accounts.
  • For those nervous about investing in alternative assets like physical gold and silver, Augusta provides highly transparent, detailed information, and compliance assurances for customer confidence and trust – and ongoing customer service, even after the transaction is complete.
  • For those looking for the best deal, Augusta Precious Metals offers competitive prices and the industry’s best value-added services, such as payment of customer fees up to 10 years, free shipping and transit insurance, and free educational materials and consultations.

Our Verdict: Should You Choose Augusta Precious Metals?

Yes, 100%. Whether you want to safeguard your retirement investments with a Gold IRA or invest in gold and silver directly, based on extensive research our conclusion is that

Augusta are the ‘Go To’ Company.

Our Rating
Start Protecting Orange
Our Rating

Start Protecting Orange

Having compared them with other leading Gold IRA Companies we consider that Augusta Precious Metals have outshone the competition.

They tick all the boxes when it comes to their ratings, reputation, customer service, prices, transparency and the amount of happy customers that they have.

Recap: The Benefits of an Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA

  • Tax Deferment: There is no loss of tax advantages when an existing IRA is rolled over. Once your Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA is set up any gains are tax deferred until you either withdraw metals from your account or sell them.
  • Wealth Protection: Historically gold and silver have always acted as hedges against market turmoil and volatility, a depreciating US Dollar and rising inflation. As an example, during the crash of 2008 the stock market lost more than half of its value whereas gold increased in price by a quarter.
  • Diversification: Including precious metals as well as stocks and bonds in your retirement account gives it a well balanced diversification. In the event of a market crash or your other assets losing their value, gold and silver will give protection to the worth of your account.
  • Control Over Your Investments: Each individual investor has different criteria and goals. An Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA is a self directed retirement account. This gives you a large degree of control and flexibility and allows you to makes choices such as which metals and which bars or coins to include, which depository to use and whether to take distributions in cash or physical metals. You can create your own customized account based on your personal circumstances and requirements.
  • Physical Assets: Over exposure to typical paper securities brings with it inherent risk. Paper assets are only as secure as the systems supporting them. The value of stocks and currencies can plummet overnight. Physical precious metals are assets which hold their intrinsic value irrespective of external events, hence their safe haven recognition.
  • Easy To Set Up and Maintain: Your Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA can be set up simply and quickly. The Company’s precious metals and retirement fund specialists are there to answer your questions, help you with the paperwork and assist you throughout the entire process. They offer all their customers lifetime support with account maintenance.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Your Augusta Precious Metals account is backed up with first class support and service. APM have made compliancy and transparency an integral part of their business. They are the only Gold IRA Company that has ZERO BBB and BCA complaints ever.
  • It’s Not Too Late To Diversify Your Retirement: Don’t let the current rampant inflation and market turmoil wreck your retirement dreams. Too many folks have been taught a harsh lesson by putting their faith entirely in stocks and bonds.

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How To Speak With an Augusta Precious Metals Representative

  • To tap into Augusta’s helpful materials and expertise, just go to their website and click on ‘Get Started’. Then simply fill out the form to ask them to send you their FREE GOLD IRA GUIDES – a packet of useful information you can study to get started. One of their Gold IRA specialists will call during business hours to verify your address and answer questions.
  • You can also call Augusta at 855-386-4202.
  • When you speak with an Augusta agent, be sure to ask about the unique, free, one-on-one web conference with their education department. The web conference is an awesome place to start, because you can ask questions personally of these experts.

Note: Augusta Precious Metals has made a solid commitment to transparency, so don’t be shy about asking ANYTHING related to gold and silver (and precious metals in general).

Reviewed by: Doug Young