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Regal Assets Canada is a subsidiary of Regal Assets LLC, the award winning US precious metals dealer which first started pioneering the concept of including precious metals in retirement funds in 2009.

Regal Assets expanded their precious metals business into Canada with the opening of their office there, in Calgary.

Tyler Gallagher, CEO

Regal Assets Canada opened in mid 2017.

This was partly due to the considerable interest their US operation was getting from across the border and partly because Regal’s CEO, Tyler Gallagher is a Canadian national.

He had the desire to offer fellow Canadians the same options for their retirement investments that his Company already offered very successfully to retirees in the US.

Gold QuoteOur mission with this new location is to service the growing desire and expectation of Canadians to include gold and silver in their retirement portfolios

says Gallagher

Gold QuoteThere is huge demand here from holders of RRSP and TSFA accounts to add gold and silver but up to now the availability of the necessary custodians and storage has been very limited in Canada”

Gold QuoteOur considerable expertise from across the border has enabled us to address this issue and to offer Canadians additional options and expert advice to ensure that their Gold RRSP accounts are set up correctly

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In Canada there are two main types of retirement funds, RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) and TSFAs (Tax Free Savings Accounts).

RRSPs are funded with before tax income. Deposits into RRSPs are tax deductible and withdrawals are taxed because they are considered to be regular income. Your contributions give you tax benefits but you cannot make withdrawals before you reach 71 without incurring penalties. Once you reach 71 you have to convert your RRSP into a RRIF (Registered Retirement Income Fund), from which you have to make annual withdrawals.

TSFAs are funded with after tax income and withdrawals are not taxed because they are not considered to be regular income. TSFAs are more flexible than TSFAs as you can make withdrawals at any time without tax implications and redeposit your withdrawal amount at a later stage.


Since 2005 you’ve been able to include precious metals in your RRSP or TFSA in Canada, but unlike in the US it’s limited to just gold and silver. Gold RRSPs are the most common. A Gold RRSP is also known as a Precious Metals RRSP.

A Gold RRSP is basically a self-directed RRSP which acts as a vehicle for investing in physical metals – bullion bars and coins. You can rollover or transfer your funds from an existing retirement account into a newly opened Gold RRSP or you can open a new one directly.

A Gold RRSP is seen as an attractive way to invest in gold by many people because of the tremendous tax advantages that it offers.

The CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) has rules and regulations which stipulate how you can invest in precious metals through an RRSP. It also controls the type of metals that can be included.

  • The metals must be bars or coins of pure investment grade and at least 99.5% pure.
  • They must be purchased from a fully accredited refiner or from a government regulated financial institution.
  • The value of coins must be based on the precious metal content alone and not on numismatic value. In fact no numismatic coins can be included regardless of the standing and reputation of the supplier.

The fact that only high quality bullion can be included makes your investment more secure since high quality is equated to high value. This is particularly relevant when investing for your retirement and stability is essential.

You can check out specifically what precious metals the CRA allows you to hold in your retirement plan here.

Why Choose Regal Assets Canada For Your Gold RRSP?

  1. Regal Assets have a built a reputation for excellence in the US where they are widely recognised as being the leading company for Gold IRA accounts. They have simply transported their vast experience from the US across the border into Canada with the opening of the Regal Assets Canada office.
  • The Regal Assets Canada brokers are experts in retirement funds and planning as well as precious metals. This expertise includes a profound knowledge of the tax advantages and implications associated with adding precious metals to retirement accounts, in compliance with the CRA rules and regulations.
  • Their staff are not pushy for sales. They are trained to make sure they fully understand each customer’s individual circumstances and requirements before making any recommendations.
  • They specialise in handling the complete A to Z process of setting up gold and silver backed retirement accounts right from initially setting up custodial accounts through to arranging the purchase, shipment and storage of the metals.
  • They offer multiple options and locations for segregated storage of your metals, including offshore storage, at extremely competitive flat rates.
  • Regal Assets have a reputation for being totally transparent when it comes to their fees and commissions. This ensures that you know exactly what you will be paying before signing or committing to anything.

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For more information about Regal Assets Canada and how to include precious metals in your retirement account you can visit their Canadian website

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