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Regal Assets Dubai is the UAE based subsidiary of Regal Assets LLC, the successful and award winning US precious metals dealer and cryptocurrency trader which has been in business since 2009.

CEO Tyler Gallagher opened the Regal Assets Dubai office in 2017 with the intention of expanding their business internationally and in order to offer services via this important hub to:

  • Institutional Investors
  • High Net Worth Investors
  • International as well as Emirates-Based Investors

Gold Quote…Offering ultra-safe & competitive Gold & Cryptocurrency purchase & storage facilities offshore to Institutional, High Net Worth, Emirates-Based & International Investors…”

Tyler Gallagher, CEO, Regal Assets Dubai

Dubai is a place that promotes international trade. It’s not just limited to Dubai and Middle East investors even though they are of course serviced from Dubai too.

Dubai gives people from all over the world the ability to do business together safely and securely.

Regal can receive bank wires from overseas in Dubai without restrictions or complications.

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Regal Assets Dubai DMCC

jalmas tower dubaiRegal Assets Dubai (Regal RA DMCC) is Registered & Licensed as a Free Zone Company in accordance with DMCC License DMCC-223582.

Their office is located in the Almas Tower which is in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Free Zone. The Almas Tower is the highest and one of the most prestigious business buildings in the UAE.

The DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Center), the authority for the entire free zone is on the ground floor of this building. This is where existing and potential clients can conduct all their registration and licensing requirements, including visas and government services.

What is a Free Zone in Dubai?

Free trade zones (FTZs) are special economic areas established specifically to offer tax and customs duty concessions to international (expatriate) investors. They are governed by a specific set of rules and regulations.

There are in excess of thirty FTZs operating in Dubai.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Free Zone

The JLT Free Zone was set up by the Dubai Government in 2002 to give the required infrastructure (physical, financial and market) for a market place for commodities in Dubai.

The Almas Tower, which is the centerpiece of the JLT Free Zone houses many businesses in the commodities industry including gold, diamonds and other precious gems, copper, steel and oil.

Regal Assets Dubai is located in the midst of all this, on the 36th Floor of the Almas Tower.

Offshore Investing Dubai

These Dubai Free Zones provide individuals looking to move their assets offshore in a tax efficient way with a legitimate and secure investment vehicle in one of the world’s best jurisdictions for safe storage. Dubai enjoys a tax-free status and therefore a tax efficient and secure offshore investment facility.

Regal Assets Dubai can assist you to:

  • buy gold offshore
  • buy Bitcoin offshore
  • buy cryptocurrency offshore

Regal RA DMCC are perfectly set up to service Institutional and High Net Worth investors:
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Buy Gold in Dubai

gold barsRegal Assets Dubai is able to deliver gold and other precious metals to most developed countries in the world. They have secured and fully insured transport arrangements with the likes of Brinks, G4s, Transguard and Loomis.

Dubai manages approximately 20% of the world’s annual gold production. It’s among the leading centers around the globe for buying gold.

The Emirate’s tax-free status makes Dubai one of the least expensive jurisdictions in the world where you can buy gold.

When you buy gold from Regal Assets Dubai you can expect the same low premiums, low fees and high service levels that its parent Company in the US is celebrated for.

Gold Storage Dubai

In addition to competitive prices Dubai offers some of the lowest storage costs and most secure storage in the world for storing gold.

The Almas Tower Building where Regal Assets Dubai have their offices also houses the most secure vault in the Middle East and the fifth most secure vault in the entire world. It was constructed by the DMCC in 2009 and is operated by Brinks. It was purpose built to store precious metals and today it holds high volumes of bullion.

dmcc vault

The vault is at the base of Almas Tower below sea level and can only be accessed through an elevator which is camera-monitored, secured and guarded 24/7 and via a series of locked gates. Secondary vault walls are added for additional, ultra security and the vault has an anti-drilling corridor plus temperature, motion and vibration sensors.

Regal Assets Dubai has a competitive edge on storage in this vault. Because of their already strong ties with Brinks they’ve negotiated with them the same storage terms in Dubai that they have in place in the US. This makes Regal’s storage costs in Dubai far less than any of their competitors.

This combination of cheap acquisition costs and cheap, ultra secure storage of gold makes Regal Assets Dubai a very attractive proposition for bullion investors. That encompasses both local UAE based investors and international investors worldwide.

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Buy Cryptocurrency in Dubai

Limited Offer Just Announced: Discount of Spot -1% on BTC lumpsum investments of $1million

This offer is aimed at Institutional and High Net Worth Investors.

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Dubai has a renown history of embracing change and encouraging new technology and infrastructure for financial ventures.

The Emirate was one of the first places to accept cryptocurrencies and to encourage the regulation and licensing of them so that businesses could sell them safely and legitimately.

When Regal Assets made the decision two years ago to expand their core business into what they saw as the ‘new gold’, digital currencies, they were fully aware of all the scams that had taken place with cryptocurrencies including the theft of it. They set about to find a hacker-proof solution which would give their clients ultimate protection.

The solution they came up with was a physical OFFLINE storage device for cryptocurrencies. Think of it as a sort of USB flash drive or external storage device. Cryptocurrencies can be loaded onto this and it can be stored offline meaning that whatever is loaded onto it is hacker-proof. For extra security they enabled this device to be password protected and encrypted. This is commonly referred to as ‘cold storage‘.

The Government of Dubai was attracted to Regal’s good reputation in the precious metals industry. Plus they were impressed with the way they were putting cryptocurrencies into physical form and also with their security protocol.

Because of all that they decided to use Regal Assets as an example of how they would go about licensing cryptocurrencies. cryptocommodity licenceThis meant working together to create a brand new asset category that previously didn’t exist in their systems.

This was a long drawn out process but fast forward to today and:

Regal Assets Dubai is the first and only Government approved, licensed, fully regulated and fully compliant company in the entire Middle East to sell and store cryptocurrencies.

Bloomberg announcement

This sets them apart from their competitors who are still working in a grey area. Regulations are coming and are coming fast in the crypto space. Those companies selling cryptocurrencies (not just in the Middle East but in the US and Europe too) and which are not regulated face the prospect of being clamped or even shut down at any time. Not so with Regal Assets.

In Dubai Regal are working with some of the biggest miners of cryptocurrencies in the world, including ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). This means that from Dubai are able to supply any type of cryptos to anyone, anywhere in the world* in unlimited quantities and in a safe, secure and sustainable way. This is not limited to just the main ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

* Current regulations in the United States preclude US citizens from sending funds for cryptocurrency investment outside of the US. For that reason Regal Assets supply cryptos to US citizens from their United States hub.

If you wish to buy cryptocurrencies in Dubai or simply to get more information you can contact Regal Assets Dubai here

Cryptocurrency Storage Dubai

Safe storage of their cryptos is a major concern to many cryptocurrency investors.

Regal Assets Dubai are ideally situated to provide the ultimate solution as they already have the perfect infrastructure in place.

secure vaultAs referred to above their office in the Almas Tower building sits above the most secure vault in the entire Middle East and the fifth most secure one in the entire world. Because of their core precious metals business and their strong relationship with Brinks Regal already have storage facilities in place in this vault at terms that their competitors are unable to match.

Storage of the Regal Wallet in this vault is known as ‘cold storage‘.

So not only are cryptocurrencies supplied by Regal Assets hacker-proof because they are loaded onto an offline password protected device, in addition offer their customers the option of storage of their cryptos in an ultra secure vault, offshore.

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Cryptocurrency Insurance Dubai

Insurance is the final piece in the jigsaw to offer cryptocurrency investors maximum protection of their assets.

lloyds of london

Regal Assets Dubai is able to offer insurance of cryptocurrencies in cold storage at full 100% market value through Lloyds of London.

This was after much negotiation between the two organisations. Regal wanted to be able to offer their customers the ultimate safety and protection and Lloyds of London didn’t want to expose themselves to any undue risks.

It was because of Regal’s offline wallets and cold (vaulted) storage that Lloyds were confident enough to offer their insurance facility to Regal Assets Dubai.

Why Choose Dubai For Gold and Cryptocurrency Investment?

  • Risk of Confiscation Minimised

Some governments, including the US and UK, have been known to confiscate gold from their citizens in the past. This has never been known in the UAE where gold is historically gold-friendly. Dubai has embraced cryptocurrencies too and is crypto-friendly.

  • Tax Benefits

The DMCC zone in Dubai was set up to benefit foreign and local investors. There is no tax on precious metals or cryptocurrencies, no inheritance tax and no capital gains tax.

  • No Political Interference

The reason for international diversification of your assets in somewhere like Dubai is to ensure that no one government has total control over your investments and finances.

  • Anonymous

According to international rules assets held in a non bank institution and an allocated vault are non reportable.

  • Protection Against Litigation

When your assets are stored offshore, especially in somewhere anonymous like Dubai it’s pretty much impossible to lose them to a lawsuit in your home country.

  • Ultra Safe Storage

The vault in the DMCC zone in Dubai offers some of the most technologically advanced secure storage in the world.

Why Choose Regal Assets Dubai For Your Gold and Cryptocurrency Investments?

  • Regal Assets Dubai provides the same high customer service levels and low fees and premiums to local and international investors that its parent Company has built its reputation on over many years in the US.
  • They offer you the facilities to hold precious metals and many different types of cryptocurrencies:

offshore in a tax effective manner
in ultra secure vaulted storage
fully insured for 100% market value
privately, in a stable geopolitical jurisdiction
irrespective of where in the world you are domiciled

  • No upper limits to the amounts of precious metals or cryptocurrencies you can invest in.
  • Your precious metals can be shipped competitively, securely and fully insured to almost anywhere in the world that you choose if you decide not to store them in Dubai.
  • Regal Assets RA DMCC is the first and only Government approved, fully regulated and licensed cryptocurrency trader in the Middle East for supplying and storing cryptocurrencies. This eliminates any potential regulation problems in the future.
  • They have the infrastructure in place to supply very large volumes of gold and cryptocurrencies and therefore are well equipped to service the demands of Institutional and High Net Worth Investors.
  • Your cryptocurrency investments are safe, secure and hacker-proof.
  • Regal Assets Dubai can store your precious metals and cryptocurrencies in Dubai in the fifth most secure vault in the world at prices that their competitors cannot match.
  • Limited time discounted offer of spot -1% on BTC investments of $1million flat.

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