Gold IRA Companies Bulletin


Gold IRA Companies Bulletin provides information, news and updates about gold ira companies and gold iras together with analyses and comparisons of leading gold ira companies. It was launched in 2014 and its purpose is to provide as much information as possible to help you to

  1. decide whether investing in precious metals, particularly when planning for your retirement, is for you, and
  2. decide on which companies you can trust with your Gold IRA and precious metals investments.

Details of the webmaster of this site are below, together with information on how to contact him.

Compensation Disclosure

We may receive affiliate compensation from companies we review and recommend. Notwithstanding that, we always give honest opinions based on extensive research. Our analyses and conclusions regarding Gold IRA Companies are never based on our opinions alone. They always take into account information and customer comments and feedback posted on the following independent and trustworthy resources:

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)


These are 3 independent portals that have an excellent reputation for providing company performance data and consumer feedback. We check regularly to ensure that any Companies we recommend are maintaining their standards and credentials. If not we will update accordingly.

Our Recommendations

Whenever we make a recommendation about a particular Company or companies we endeavor to justify our conclusions by showing detailed side-by-side comparisons between them and their main competitors. You can check out our comparisons tables here.

We are obliged to remind you that any recommendations we make are our opinions and conclusions, which you are at liberty to agree or disagree with. None of them nor any of the information on this site constitutes financial advice and you should always do your own research and/or consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

We check our sources of information and update this site on a regular basis.

Articles and information provided on this site

All the articles and information provided on this site have been extensively researched and exclusively written by the webmaster. We are constantly scouring news items in the media and online for new and updated information. Plus we share information based on personal experience.

We endeavour to provide information which is relevant, topical and keeps up with the times. Back in 2014 when this site was launched the information focused exclusively on Gold, other Precious Metals and Gold IRAs. Since then it has evolved and we’ve added relevant background information about retirement planning and the various types of retirement accounts available.

Author & Webmaster – Gold IRA Companies Bulletin


Hi, my name is Doug Young. I am 65 years young and for the past 20 years or so I’ve been actively involved in financial investing and trading.

My passion for gold stems from the time I started trading commodities. For some reason right from the beginning I seemed to have a real ‘feel’ for gold price movements and I found that I was able to interpret the gold charts better than all the other commodities I was following. Trading is not just about reading charts however and it really helps if you understand the fundamentals driving prices. That led me to dive deeply into the gold market, which to this day still fascinates me.

Being the age I am I can look back and appreciate the importance of having planned ahead well for retirement. A lot of the information I have provided here on this site comes from the research I have done for my personal benefit. I enjoy copy-writing and that has enabled me to share my personal research and experiences with others.

I always work on the principle that if something is worth doing it’s worth doing well. For that reason I take pride and pleasure in providing information that is authentic, meticulously researched, well written and can be substantiated. I hope you will think I have achieved that on this site!


How To Contact Me


If you are not a spammer and not trying to sell me a service you can use this information to send me a message. I hope you will understand why I have shown it in this format. When I put a Contact Form here previously I was besieged with spam! The same happened before that when I put a link here.

I monitor this site on an ongoing basis and will normally respond to genuine messages within 24 hours. I travel extensively and if my response is delayed it will most likely be because of that.

I will not respond to spammers however. Also, I wish to inform you that I do not require assistance with anything to do with this website as I already have a great team that I work with exclusively. I am very happy with them and will not respond to third party offers of assistance therefore.

I wish you success with all your investments.