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BGASC Analyzed
Phone No.1-888-992-4272
BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rating
(Scale of A+ to F)
BBB Complaints0
BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) Rating
(Scale of AAA to F)
BCA ComplaintsN/A
Trustlink RatingN/A
Gold IRAs Offered (US)
Crypto IRAs Offered (US)RedCross
Gold RRSPs Offered (Canada)RedCross
Preferred DepositoryBrinks Global
Preferred CustodianGoldStar Trust Company
Minimum IRA Purchase Amount$1
Physical IRA Application
Digital IRA ApplicationRedCross
Set Up$0
Admin (annually)$0
Storage (annually)Not known
IRA Transfer ProcessNot known
401k Rollover ProcessNot known
Delivery of MetalsShipped within 24 hours of payment
US Mint
Listed Dealer
ICTA MemberRedCross
TRUSTe VerifiedRedCross
Norton SecuredRedCross
Special OffersRare coins available
CommentsSpecialist numismatic company

buyer beware

BGASC Review:

BGASC stands for Buy Gold and Silver Coins. Above all this company specialises in the business of collectible coins. Although they have only been in existence for a relatively short time, since 2012 in fact, the people behind this precious metals trader have been in the coins business as numismatists for a long time. It is very apparent that they have a lot of interest and experience in their specialist field.

They sell bullion, coins, bars, junk silver, numismatic collections, and they also carry a unique selection of Hobo nickels and carved coins.

BGASC’s Reputation

With so many gold dealers to be found these days on the internet riding the trend of the current popularity of gold and other precious metals as investment vehicles, you need to check out each company carefully and do adequate research before trusting any one of them with your hard earned income.

In an industry where some unscrupulous companies are intent on taking advantage of vulnerable, inexperienced people who are keen to both invest retirement savings in precious metals and to add precious metals to their investment portfolios, consumers need to know the good from the bad. BGASC’s performance and reputation show that they are among the good guys.

BGASC are insured by Lloyds and are members of ANA (American Numismatic Association), PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), CCE (Certified Coin Exchange) and NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). In addition they are a Bulk Purchaser of non-bullion coins from the United States Mint.

Disclaimer: The information below is based on our most recent checks on the consumer advocacy sites mentioned. We are merely reporting our findings and are unable to verify the accuracy of the information presented.

BGASC Trustpilot

At Trustpilot, an independent review site, BGASC have a 4.8 out of 5 Rating based on over 5000 reviews. Around 86% of the reviewers gave the company 5 out of 5 stars and around 9% gave them 4 out of 5 stars.

This is very impressive when you consider that Trustpilot make a point of stating on their site that they are committed to fighting fabricated reviews and that it is not possible for a company to remove, edit or censor customer reviews.

BGASC BBB – Better Business Bureau

BGASC became an Accredited BBB Business in February 2016 and has been awarded an A+ Rating, on a scale of A+ to F. This is mainly, according to the BBB, because of the length of time the company has been in business and because there have been no claims filed against it at the BBB.

At the time of our most recent check there were 13 customer reviews posted there, with an average rating of 3.77 out of 5 Stars.

The BBB report that they know of no government actions having been taken against BGASC and that they have nothing to report regarding the company’s advertising practices. The only other mention of note is that the company has eight employees.

BGASC – Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink

Two other principal sources for information consumers often look to for unbiased reports about precious metals companies are Trustlink and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). BGASC is not included on either of these sites.

It is a fact though that no one has ever written to complain about this company to the BCA or Trustlink.

Precious Metals IRAs

It is only fairly recently that BGASC have added precious metals IRAs to the services that they offer to their customers. On their website they have a page dedicated to this and there they provide information including the type of precious metals that are eligible, the 3 Step process for setting up your precious metals IRA with them, their preferred Self-Directed IRA Custodians and Precious Metals Depositories, and a list of relevant Frequently Asked Questions.

They mention that they do not charge any addition fees for this service.

What Can You Buy at BGASC?

As the name implies, you can buy gold and silver coins. They also carry bars, rolls or coins, and storage supplies. Products come from the United States and Canada, as well as other countries regularly associated with coin collecting. BGASC brings in the latest commemorative coins to share with their clients.

Coin traders use this site to exchange products including collectible Morgan Silver and Silver Peace Dollars.

Products Available

bgasc website

The list here includes: South African Krugerrands, Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins, 2009 Ultra High Relieve Gold Double Eagle coins, and items from France, Switzerland, and Spain. At the time of reviewing this site a 1932 Yugoslavian Dukat was listed as well as a Spanish 1556-1598 Gold Cayon. There are many commemorative coins and error coins available.

Error coins have been stamped with flaws, each one unique and barely noticeable in some cases. Navigating this site carefully will reveal many unique products.

Hobo Nickels and Artistry in Metal

These latter items are realistically not for sale: BGASC has placed a price tag on each coin which is so high that one would have to be a particularly wealthy, serious and ardent collector to buy these exquisite items carved by modern artists. Visitors really should view them on a large screen so as to examine their intricacies and capture the attention to detail in their designs.

BGASC openly admit that they do not wish to part company with such beautiful items and therefore they have priced them out of the reach of the vast majority of investors. While they clearly love them too much to sell these one-of-a-kind coins for anything less than a small fortune, the owners also wish for everyone to have a chance to see them. This goes a long way towards understanding the company philosophy: coins are worth more than money: they can be priceless art.

Junk Silver

Why would you want junk silver?

Some consumers believe the low price is worthwhile because these bulky bags of coinage will still have value should paper money become useless. Junk silver is an affordable investment for everyday people. Its actual value in the future is something you have to decide based on extensive research of your own.

Shop By Price

The inclusion of a ‘Supplies’ section enables the company to offer another shopping category: by price. When you buy precious metals, this is not usually a method you use to select products. Here though you can approach the site with an amount of money that you wish to invest and look at different metals to find out how much your money will buy today. The minimum amount is $1,000. How much you spend depends on the quantity of coins or bars you purchase and their daily price.

BGASC Company Video

Possible Areas For Improvement

There are collectible coins from Spain, France, and Yugoslavia available from BGASC. These do not appear on every investment website. Is this because BGASC got to them first? Or does this simply demonstrate a difference in the viewpoint of various companies? Maybe some firms avoid these coins for reasons of uncertain re-sale value?

Whatever their reason for listing products at BGASC, some form of knowledge center section on their website would be a useful addition. This company clearly has a passion for collecting and it would be a big benefit to visitors if they were to share more of their obviously very intensive knowledge with less informed and inexperienced investors.


BGASC are specialists in the business of collectible coins. Their supply section confirms this, including museum grade flips, tubes, monster boxes, money bags, and coin holders. The person who shops here could be an investor, but he might also be the sort of individual with a display case at home protecting several unique and costly items from around the world.

The other thing that secures their image is the company profile. It is more of a series of personal stories about how the three founders came to be interested in numismatics and eventually opened their own business. The picture they paint demonstrates their passion and shows that their company is more than just a money making venture.

Buy Gold And Silver Coins was founded on a passion for collectible coins begun in childhood and handed down from earlier generations, when some of the coins they sell today were more widely available.

The company has a solid reputation and many satisfied customers.

You can use their site to find old coins or invest in metal which you believe will be worth something in the future. With the help of BGASC staff you can discover which products are likely to grow in value soon and which ones should be kept in reserve for 10 or more years.

In fact, call them if you think you have something to sell or you have in mind a particular type of rare coin that you would like to buy. These would definitely be the people to discuss the history and value of an old coin with, and share your interest and excitement!


If your primary interest is in rare, collectible coins, BGASC are a specialist numismatic company very much worthy of your consideration and would definitely be our top recommendation.

If your primary interest is in a gold or precious metals IRA then we prefer to recommend a company that focuses and specializes in those. To read the analysis of our Top Rated Gold IRA Company click here.

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Reviewed by: Doug Young