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When it comes to securing your financial future, investing in precious metals can be a strategic move. It’s not just about buying gold and silver; it’s about partnering with the right dealer to ensure your investments are sound, secure, and poised for growth. Today, I’m taking a deep dive into Miles Franklin Precious Metals, a company with a long-standing reputation in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Miles Franklin has been a trusted name in precious metals since 1989, offering a broad selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • They provide personalized investment consultations, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your financial goals.
  • Miles Franklin is accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.
  • Their precious metals can be included in self-directed IRAs, offering a tax-advantaged way to diversify your retirement portfolio.
  • While they do not list prices online, their customer-centric sales approach focuses on transparency and tailored solutions for each investor.

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Spotlight on Miles Franklin Precious Metals

Miles Franklin analysis
Established in 1989, Miles Franklin has carved out a niche in the precious metals market with its commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. As a family-owned business, they understand the importance of trust and reliability in investments that often form the backbone of an individual’s wealth-building strategy.

A Brief Look at Company Reputation and Expertise

Over the years, Miles Franklin has cultivated a reputation for expertise and integrity in the precious metals industry. Their focus on education and personalized service ensures that investors, whether seasoned or new, receive guidance that’s not just authoritative but also approachable. Let’s explore why Miles Franklin could be the right choice for your precious metals investment.

Making the Right Choice in Precious Metals

Choosing the right precious metals dealer is crucial. You want a partner that offers not only a wide range of products but also the knowledge and experience to guide you through the investment process. Miles Franklin stands out because they understand that each investor’s needs are unique and require a tailored approach.

Understanding Precious Metals as Investment Tools

Precious metals have been a store of value for thousands of years, acting as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. They’re tangible assets that can diversify your portfolio and potentially provide stability during market fluctuations. It’s essential to understand the role these metals can play in your investment strategy, and Miles Franklin is dedicated to helping you grasp this concept.

Why Choose Miles Franklin for Your Investment?

There are plenty of precious metals dealers out there, but Miles Franklin earns the trust of its clients through its unwavering commitment to transparency, education, and customer service. They take the time to understand your financial objectives and help you select the right products to meet those goals.

Services Offered by Miles Franklin

With Miles Franklin, you’re not just purchasing precious metals; you’re gaining a partner who offers a suite of services to support your investment journey. From buying and selling to storage and IRA services, they cover all bases to ensure a seamless experience.

Personalized Investment Consultations

One of the standout features of Miles Franklin is their personalized investment consultations. They believe in one-on-one interactions, taking the time to discuss your financial goals, answer questions, and provide recommendations based on current market trends and your individual needs.

Investing in precious metals isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. It’s about crafting a strategy that aligns with your long-term vision. Miles Franklin excels in crafting these personalized strategies, making them a strong contender for anyone serious about precious metals investing.

Diversity in precious metals is not just about having different types of metals, but also about the forms they come in. Miles Franklin offers bullion coins, bars, and also speciality numismatic coins. Whether you’re looking to invest in the timeless value of gold or the industrial demand of platinum, they’ve got you covered.

Diversity of Precious Metals and Products

Miles Franklin diversity of products

Investing in precious metals isn’t just about buying gold bars and calling it a day. It’s about having options that fit different investment strategies and risk tolerances. Miles Franklin provides a variety of products, including:

  • Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion
  • Numismatic and collectible coins
  • Standard bullion coins like American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Various bar sizes, from 1 gram to 1 kilogram

This diversity ensures that whether you’re investing for wealth preservation or potential growth, there’s a product that fits your needs.

Miles Franklin’s Industry Credentials

Trust is paramount when selecting a precious metals dealer. Miles Franklin’s credentials speak volumes about their commitment to trustworthy service. Let’s take a look at their industry credentials and what they mean for you as an investor.

BBB Accreditation and Consumer Ratings

An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a strong endorsement of a company’s customer service and business ethics. Miles Franklin’s A+ rating signals that they have a proven track record of resolving customer issues and maintaining transparent business practices.

Most importantly, this rating is a reflection of customer satisfaction. It shows that Miles Franklin doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk when it comes to delivering on their promises to investors.

Standards and Compliance in Precious Metals IRAs

For those looking to include precious metals in their retirement plans, compliance with IRS standards is non-negotiable. Miles Franklin offers products that are eligible for inclusion in self-directed IRAs, ensuring that your investment not only diversifies your portfolio but also adheres to the necessary regulations for tax benefits.

Therefore, understanding the compliance and standards for precious metals IRAs is critical, and Miles Franklin is committed to guiding investors through this complex landscape.

What Customers Say

Word of mouth and firsthand accounts are invaluable when evaluating a precious metals dealer. Positive customer experiences often indicate a company’s reliability and service quality.

Analyzing Client Feedback and Testimonials

Client feedback for Miles Franklin is generally positive, with many customers highlighting the knowledgeable staff and the personal attention they receive. These testimonials underline the company’s dedication to educating and empowering investors, rather than just selling to them.

Exemplary Customer Service Experiences

Exceptional customer service is not just about being friendly; it’s about providing timely, accurate, and helpful information. Customers of Miles Franklin often note the ease with which they can reach a representative and the thoroughness of the information provided.

For instance, one customer story highlights how a Miles Franklin advisor assisted them in selecting the right mix of precious metals for their portfolio, taking into account the customer’s individual financial goals and the current market conditions.

Solidifying Your Investment Portfolio

Investing with Miles Franklin is more than just a transaction; it’s a partnership. They understand that solidifying your investment portfolio with precious metals is a strategic decision that requires careful planning and consideration.

Steps to Purchase Precious Metals with Miles Franklin

Getting started with Miles Franklin is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Contact their team to express your interest in purchasing precious metals.
  • Discuss your investment goals and preferences with one of their advisors.
  • Review the options they present and make your selection.
  • Finalize your purchase and decide on storage or delivery options.

Remember, investing in precious metals should be a considered decision that aligns with your broader financial objectives.

“Investing in precious metals with Miles Franklin is a simple process that puts the investor’s needs first. Their team is there to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your investment choices are well-informed and in line with your financial goals.”

Buying precious metals is not just about the current price; it’s about long-term value. Miles Franklin’s advisors are there to help you understand this distinction and make choices that will stand the test of time.

Integrating Precious Metals into Your Retirement Plan

Incorporating precious metals into your retirement plan can offer a buffer against market volatility and inflation. With Miles Franklin, you can include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in your IRA, leveraging the tax advantages that come with these investment vehicles.

They will work with you to ensure that your precious metals IRA is compliant and that your selections meet the purity and fineness standards required by the IRS. This attention to detail is crucial in maximizing the benefits of your retirement investments.

Pricing Transparency and Sales Process

While Miles Franklin doesn’t list prices online, they maintain a commitment to transparency in their sales process. To get pricing information, you simply need to reach out to their team. They’ll provide you with up-to-date pricing based on current market conditions and the specifics of your order.

Here’s how you can get pricing information:

  • Contact Miles Franklin directly via phone or email.
  • Provide details about the products you’re interested in.
  • Receive a personalized quote that reflects the most current market prices.

This approach ensures that you’re getting a fair and accurate price for your investment, tailored to your specific needs.

One aspect that sets Miles Franklin apart is their commitment to pricing transparency. While some investors may be accustomed to seeing live pricing on dealer websites, Miles Franklin takes a more personalized approach. They believe that precious metals investing is a personal affair and that prices should be tailored to the individual’s order.

The Advantages of Miles Franklin’s Sales Approach

Miles Franklin’s sales approach prioritizes the investor’s needs above all else. By providing personalized quotes, they ensure that each investor gets the best possible price based on their specific situation. This bespoke service is a testament to their customer-centric philosophy and their commitment to fostering long-term relationships with their clients.



As with any investment firm, you likely have questions about how things work. Let’s address some of the most common queries investors have about Miles Franklin.

How do I start investing with Miles Franklin?

Starting your investment journey with Miles Franklin is simple:

  • Reach out to their team to express your interest.
  • Engage in a consultation to discuss your investment goals.
  • Choose from a variety of precious metals products based on their recommendations.
  • Complete your purchase and arrange for secure storage or delivery.

Throughout the process, their advisors will be there to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

Can I include Miles Franklin’s precious metals in my IRA?

Yes, you can include many of Miles Franklin’s precious metals in your self-directed IRA. They offer a selection of IRA-eligible products that meet the fineness and purity standards required by the IRS. Miles Franklin’s team can assist you in setting up a precious metals IRA and provide guidance on compliant storage options.

What types of payment does Miles Franklin accept?

Miles Franklin accepts various forms of payment to accommodate their clients’ preferences. These include credit cards, bank wires, personal checks, and cashier’s checks. Their team can provide you with details on payment processing times and any applicable fees.

How does Miles Franklin differentiate itself from other dealers?

Miles Franklin sets itself apart through their personalized service, educational resources, and commitment to ethical business practices. Their A+ BBB rating and positive customer testimonials reflect their dedication to excellence in customer satisfaction.

What do I do if I want to sell my precious metals back to Miles Franklin?

If you’re looking to sell your precious metals, Miles Franklin makes the process straightforward:

  • Contact their team to discuss the items you wish to sell.
  • Receive a quote based on the current buyback prices.
  • If you agree to the terms, ship your metals to Miles Franklin for verification.
  • Upon verification, receive payment promptly.

Miles Franklin values the relationship with their clients, whether you’re buying or selling, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction.


I recommend that before you commit to any Gold IRA provider you check out why the Company that I confidently endorse as the industry leader in stands out from the rest.


I recommend that before you commit to any Gold IRA provider you check out why the Company that I confidently endorse as the industry leader in stands out from the rest.

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