investing in gold through an annuity

Much of the retirement information available discusses the various vehicles arranged between employee and employer. Such arrangements include the 401K or the traditional IRA. However, the annuity is a totally different type of financial product.

An annuity is an arrangement between employer and employee. Insurance companies sell annuities and the annuity purchased provides an income in retirement.

In this article we are discussing annuities in general and ways in which precious metal can enhance your retirement fund. It is vital to consider all retirement options to avoid buying a complex pension plan. Here is a breakdown of the different kinds of annuity, how to safeguard your savings in a financial crisis, ways to protect your savings from stock market fluctuations and the benefits of investing in precious metals.

The Annuity and How Annuities Work

An annuity is a type of insurance with tax-benefits. This particular investment vehicle will eventually pay out a regular income. Those who buy an annuity make regular payments into an investment portfolio. A set number of years later, the annuitant will receive monthly or quarterly payments from the financial plan. In certain circumstances, the annuity holder may opt to draw a lump-sum payment.

It is interesting to note that some lump-sum annuities can be rolled-over to another retirement account. Investing in Gold through an Annuity is popular and annuitants can make changes to current retirement plans.

Many annuities offer the same benefits as an IRA. For instance, there are tax advantages. All retirement plans have different rules, however, annuities are regulated by the IRS.

Annuities have no contribution limits, so smart investors can save hard for their retirement. A percentage of annuities come with a guaranteed rate of interest, however, these investments usually incur fees. Investors with numerous other retirement plans can buy an annuity as part of their investment portfolio.

Annuities are known to have high annual fees and high surrender charges, but investors must realize much depends on the type of annuity purchased. An annuity is sold on a commission basis, hence a percentage of the funds paid into the plan are never paid into the account.

The Different Types of Annuity

Every annuity is different. However, there are three main kinds of annuity:

Types of Annuities

The pay-out and fees charged will depend on the type of annuity purchased.

Can an Annuity be transferred or Rolled-Over into an IRA?

An annuity can be transferred into an IRA, but the type and value of the financial product will be taken into account.

buyer beware

Is it Possible to Invest in Gold via an Annuity?

Yes. Many people are now Investing in Gold through an Annuity. The type of gold investment chosen depends on the type of annuity. It is possible to have a gold indexed annuity.

However, an investor cannot buy gold bullion or other precious metals via an annuity. Purchasing gold mining stocks or investing in a mutual fund including mining company stocks is the easiest way to invest in gold through an annuity. People who invest in this way are buying ‘paper gold’. Mining ETFs and Gold ETFs provide an indirect way to invest in gold.

Invest in ‘Paper Gold’ or Physical Gold?

Buy ‘Paper gold’ stocks and you are investing in companies that mine, explore or produce gold ore. Investors can choose from hundreds of gold stocks, larger companies include the Bugs Index (HUI) and the Gold Miners Index (GDX).

Historically, gold prices rise as the gold spot prices climb, however, prices tend to fall rapidly if gold spot prices fall. This is why many investors consider gold stocks more risky than physical gold.

Investing in gold is a safe and simple way to diversify your retirement portfolio and today, many investors are now Investing in Gold through an Annuity. Buying gold, palladium, platinum and silver is a great way to protect assets from inflation and stock market volatility. Many invest in gold because it is a good hedge and analysts predict that gold prices will continue to rise over time.

If you are considering Investing in Gold through an Annuity you should consider your risk tolerance and your expected date of retirement.


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Author: Doug Young