Holding Gold Vs Cash

This video puts forward a strong case for investing in gold bullion and demonstrates how historically gold has held its value whereas in comparison the value of cash has continued to erode.

Should I Convert My Money To Gold?

Here are some facts to consider:

  • One ounce of gold today will buy you the same as it would have 2000 years ago and also 100 years ago
  • The value of the US Dollar has declined by 98% since the foundation of the Federal Reserve in 2013
  • Gold is increasingly being seen as money and is in demand in many consumer products
  • Central Banks in 2011 were net buyers of gold for the first time since the collapse of the Bretton Woods System in 1971
  • Many analysts believe that China is about to increase its official gold reserves by around 700% which will make its reserves equal to those of the US
  • Whereas previously the Chinese Government banned their citizens from buying gold they are now actually encouraging them to do so
  • Gold is rare and global production is falling
  • Gold is durable and cannot be debased, it has no nationalilty and it is liquid
  • The value of US Dollars is directly related to the extent to which their supply is strictly limited


Author: Doug Young

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